Team up with Tippie’s Inside Sales Lab

Resourcing an outbound call center may seem like a pipe dream for your start-up to medium-size business. But Tippie’s Inside Sales Lab offers a cost-effective sales solution.

Launched in spring 2022, the Inside Sales Lab is a group of specially trained students ready to represent your brand to potential clients. These student interns are prepared to analyze and clean prospect data, decide which prospects are optimal customers, and engage in meaningful sales dialogue. This experience gives our students a chance to learn and your business a chance to grow.

Here’s how it works

  • You bring us your business need and relevant data.
  • The Inside Sales Lab analyzes your information and formulates an outreach strategy.
  • Students are trained to answer questions about your specific industry and business.
  • Representatives may also be recruited from existing areas of expertise across campus. (For instance, a pharmaceutical company may be matched with students from the College of Pharmacy.)
  • Students begin making outbound calls to prospective clients on your behalf.
“The experience I’m gaining is invaluable and will be a standout item on my resume. I’ve had a deep dive into customer relationship management software and have honed my skills at meeting customer needs with our clients’ products.”
Albara Kahlil
Albara Khalil, BBA

Your investment

Your yearly $15,000 contribution gives you access to up to five stations (students) per semester. This investment will help offset the overhead cost of this program, including the use of professional call center software. Additionally, student interns are paid a negotiated hourly rate (typically $15/hour), or some form of hourly rate and appropriate commission structure.

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“Our commercialization strategy is to continually expand and improve our go-to-market execution to make image-guided procedures safer. Working with the Inside Sales Lab will help us expand those efforts as well as trial new sales models and techniques, while strengthening our strategic partnership with the University of Iowa.”
Robin Therme, president of CIVCO Medical Solutions

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