Finding a major—that's pretty major

So, what are you studying? It's a question that'll come up again and again, from the second you set foot in PBB (that's Pappajohn Business Building). But not to worry—there's a Tippie major for everyone: the techie, the creative, the innovator, the number cruncher, and the jack-of-all-trades.

Layer your major on top of Tippie's business core, and dive deep into the area of study that fascinates you. With seven majors to explore, you're sure to find one (or two) that speak to you.

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Accounting Major

Accounting majors lean into a love of balancing the bottom line. Our program prepares you for an in-demand job market with a focus on communication that sets our grads apart.

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Business Analytics & Information Systems Major

Learn to solve problems in any organization using data. Graduates enjoy some of the highest job placement rates among Tippie undergraduate majors.

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Economics Major

Economics majors choose one of three focused tracks and take a set of courses that teach how to use economic thinking to make better business and policy decisions.

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Finance Major

Finance majors experience classes that involve finding, following, managing, and making money. You’ll learn financial and investment fundamentals.

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Management Major

For this undergraduate degree, three tracks build your expertise in either entrepreneurship, human resources, or general management.

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Marketing Major

The Tippie BBA in Marketing offers five optional concentrations that allow you to tailor your degree to your specific interests and career goals.

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Risk Management & Insurance Major

Risk management & insurance (RMI) professionals help companies and individuals identify risk and address it. 

I can't decide on a latte. How will I ever pick a major?

Can't choose one? Don't have to. Check out your options for double majors, minors, and joint degrees. Plus, there is more to Tippie than majors. Explore what's beyond the classroom and discover some of the certificates that attract Tippie students.