Dedicated to creating and sharing knowledge

Tippie College of Business is dedicated to sharing our research with the world. Our multiple seminar series brings together esteemed scholars, faculty, and researchers from across the campus and across the globe to share their work in all of our disciplines.

Join us to discuss some of the most important topics in business research.

Guest Lecturer Seminar Series

Join us to hear from high-profile business analytics researchers.

Clarence Tow Lectures in Economics

Scholars from both the private and public sectors present to economics faculty and students roughly once a week during the academic year.

Clarence Tow Lectures in Finance

Top finance researchers present at Tippie to faculty, PhD students, and researchers from the University of Iowa.

Data Mining in Iowa Group (DMIG)

Leading experts in data mining, information systems, and business analytics share cutting-edge research and methodology with students and faculty across the university.

Thought Leaders Seminar Series

This series brings together the brightest minds from multiple business research disciplines to present their discoveries and insights to the larger academic community.