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You may think of career services as something that you only need when you’re looking for a new job.

But when the opportunity for a big promotion comes up, you may need some help to quickly get your resume in shape and shake the dust off your interview skills. Tap MBA Career Services to keep your career moving onward and upward.

Iowa MBA outcomes data

Here are the outcomes for December 2022 and May 2023 graduates of the Iowa MBA program.

67 %

Change in job level

Among 2022-2023 grads

$ 117,761

Average Starting Salary

Among 2022-2023 grads

$ 250,000

Maximum Salary

Among 2022-2023 grads

At your fingertips

Iowa MBA students have access to tools that make finding your next role easier than ever:

  • Personal career coaching—one-on-one and exclusive to you
  • Leadership assessments that help you identify your unique strengths
  • Resume templates, plus writing and editing assistance
  • Cover letter templates and assistance with composition
  • Alumni database—find Iowa MBA alumni who can answer questions and help with interview prep
  • Webinars, including how to leverage your MBA, salary negotiation, and strategic networking

Tippie's career management team works with Iowa MBA students to help you advance to your dream role in your company, or nail the interview at your next organization.

David Chivers

Pivot from young leader to president

David Chivers had confidence  – and flexibility. An Iowa MBA showed him that he could work with the best in every area.

“The Iowa MBA program reinforced the idea that I could be in the C-suite, that I could be at the highest levels."

By the time he finished school, Chivers nabbed a director-level position. He quickly moved on to executive-level positions at The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones, before returning to Iowa to be president of The Des Moines Register.

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