Add some “oomph” to your Iowa MBA

If you can personalize your socks, you surely should be able to personalize your degree, right? The Iowa MBA offers six concentrations so you can make sure your education fits neatly into your career plans.

Concentrations you complete will show up on your transcript as “certificates.” With a little bit of planning, you can graduate with two credentials without added time or expense: an MBA and a certificate.

There is no separate application. Once you’re admitted, you’ll work with your advisor to weave the necessary courses into your plan of study.

MBA in Leadership

Delve into the qualities of a great leader, and put them into practice in the workplace.

MBA in Business Analytics

Learn how to analyze data for business decisions by earning this concentration.

MBA in Business Communication

Learn to communicate business ideas & decisions. Hone your personal, leadership, and cross-cultural communication expertise.

MBA in Finance

A finance concentration provides a deeper understanding of the financial issues that you'll find in the workplace while preparing you for further professional growth. Choose from multiple finance sub-specialties.

MBA in Innovation

Lean into Iowa's legacy of entrepreneurship with a concentration that prepares you to put forward new ideas, start your own venture, and generate fresh solutions.

MBA in Marketing

This concentration ensures that you have a firm handle on the latest in marketing trends and how they can be applied to your business.

MBA in Strategy

Develop a deeper understanding of the tools and frameworks used to formulate and execute business strategies.

Healthcare Management Certificate

Created in collaboration between the Iowa MBA and the #8-ranked University of Iowa College of Public Health, this concentration prepares you to be a healthcare leader. Unlike our other concentrations, you must apply to both colleges to earn this credential.

Learn about Healthcare Management

Business Fundamentals Certificate

If you’re a business professional without a business degree, this certificate will get you up to speed quickly. Build a solid foundation in marketing, finance, analytics, management, and more.

More about business fundamentals

“The marketing certificate is something that backs up my MBA with a focus on a career path that I wanted to pursue.”

Certificate-only option

You can earn a professional certificate in our MBA concentrations as a stand-alone credential outside of the Iowa MBA program. Getting started is quick and easy—no standardized test required. See what's needed to apply and the minimum requirements to be considered.

How to earn A certificatE