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Jaron H. Wilde
Hepfer, B., Wilde, J. H. & Wilson, R. (In Press). Tax and Nontax Incentives in Income Shifting: Evidence from Shadow Insurers. The Accounting Review.
Weiguo Fan
Zhang, Z., Zhang, Y., Feng, R., Zhang, T. & Fan, W. (In Press). Zero-shot Sketch-based Image Retrieval via Graph Convolution Network. 34th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence.
Xun Zhou
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Semin Park
Allen, J., Taylor, J., Murray, R., Kilcullen, M., Cushenbery, L., Gevers, J., Larson, L., Loku, T., Maupin, C., Perry, S., Park, S., Rosen, M., Fry, T., McLeod, P., Harris, A. & Fosler, K. (In Press). Mitigating Violence Against First Responder Teams: Results and Ideas From the Hackmanathon. Small Group Research.
Weiguo Fan
Zhang, Y., Li, X. & Fan, W. (In Press). User Adoption of Physicians’ Replies in An Online Health Community: An Empirical Study. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology.
Weiguo Fan
Tian, Y., Zhou, L., Zhang, Y., Zhang, T. & Fan, W. (In Press). Deep Cross-modal Face Naming for People News Retrieval. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering.
Ann Melissa Campbell
Redmond, M. A., Campbell, A. M. & Ehmke, J. F. (2019). The Most Reliable Flight Itinerary Problem. Networks, 73(3), 325-343. DOI:
Weiguo Fan
Fan, B., Fan, W., Smith, C. & Garner, H. S. (In Press). Adverse Drug Event Detection and Extraction from Open Data: A Deep Learning Approach. Information Processing and Management.
Dennis Hamilton
Hamilton, D. (2019). Which Regulations are Constraining Banks' Market Making? Evidence from Strategic Accounting Classifications.