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Daniel W. Collins
Chircop, J., Collins, D. W., Helge Hass, L. & Nguyen, N. (In Press). Financial Statement Comparabilityand Corporate Innovative Efficiency. American Accounting Association: Paper has been accepted for publication in The Accounting Review in March 2020..
Jaron H. Wilde
Hepfer, B., Wilde, J. H. & Wilson, R. (In Press). Tax and Nontax Incentives in Income Shifting: Evidence from Shadow Insurers. The Accounting Review.
Tong Wang
Pan, D., Wang, T. & Hara, S. (In Press). Interpretable Companions for Black-box Classifiers. AISTATS.
Beth A. Livingston
Livingston, B. A., Ryu, S. (In Press). Gender and Spousal Negotiation. In M. Olekalns , J. Kennedy (Eds.) Research Handbook on Gender and Negotiation. Edward Elgar.
Tong Yao
Chen, X., Sun, Z., Yao, T. & Yu, T. (In Press). Does Operating Risk Affect Portfolio Risk? Evidence from Insurers' Securities Holding. Journal of Corporate Finance<br>.
Xun Zhou
Yang, M., Li, Y., Zhou, X., Lu, H., Tian, Z. & Luo, J. (In Press). Inferring Passengers’ Interactive Choices on Public Transits via MA-AL: Multi-Agent Apprenticeship Learning. The Web Conference (WWW).
Weiguo Fan
Fan, B., Fan, W., Smith, C. & Garner, H. S. (2020). Adverse Drug Event Detection and Extraction from Open Data: A Deep Learning Approach. Information Processing and Management, 57(1), 102-131. DOI: 10.1016/j.ipm.2019.102131.
Semin Park
Park, S., Grosser, T. J., Roebuck, A. A. & Mathieu, J. E. (In Press). Understanding Work Teams From a Network Perspective: A Review and Future Research Directions. Journal of Management.