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Xun Zhou
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Kun Ho Kim
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Weiguo Fan
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Barrett W. Thomas
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Marketa Rickley
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Xun Zhou
Lash, M. T., Zhang, M., Zhou, X., Lynch, C. F. & Street, W. (In Press). Deriving Enhanced Geographical Representations via Similarity-based Spectral Analysis: Predicting Colorectal Cancer Survival Curves in Iowa. International Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformatics (IJDMB).
Xun Zhou
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Xun Zhou
Chiu, J., Khezerlou, A. V. & Zhou, X. (In Press). Understanding Business Location Choice Pattern: A Co-Location Analysis on Urban POI Data. 2nd INFORMS Data Science Workshop.
Jeffrey W. Ohlmann
Bigsby, K. G., Ohlmann, J. W. & Zhao, K. (In Press). The Turf is Greener on the Other Side: Predicting Decommitments in College Football Recruiting Using Social Network Data. Decision Support Systems. DOI: