Our commitment to engagement and belonging

At the Tippie College of Business we are committed to being a place where members of our community feel valued—where we lift each other up, rather than tear each other down. We are unwavering in our commitment to an inclusive mindset, through promoting opportunities for engagement and belonging for our people, in our practices, and in our programs.

Featured initiatives



Tippie’s BizEdge community is a program created for underrepresented and first-generation students to help them thrive throughout their collegiate experience. A continuation of the Gateway Summer Program for high school juniors, BizEdge supports business undergraduates through mentorship, scholarships, networking, alumni events, and more.

Over 20 scholarships were awarded to BizEdge members in 2019 alone, as well as many internship opportunities. The program also provides opportunities for students to connect with and learn from each other through the BizEdge Mentorship program.

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Dore Emerging Leaders Fellowship Program

The Dore Emerging Leaders Fellowship Program is part of the Dore-Tippie Women’s Leadership Program at the Tippie College of Business. We inducted our inaugural class of Emerging Leaders in 2020-2021 and invite a new class of freshmen each year.

“I was never pushed to think of myself at a higher level. But the Tippie Gateway program gave me the confidence to dream bigger.”

Get involved

Tippie offers numerous opportunities to take part in our mission through service, student organizations, mentorship opportunities, and events.

Events & opportunities

BizEdge students

BizEdge Mentorship Program

A mentoring program designed to help undergraduate business students from underrepresented and first-generation communities support and empower each other.

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Tippie Engagement Coordinators

Engagement Coordinators assist the Undergraduate Program Office in the coordination and advocacy of engagement and belonging opportunities.

Gateway company visit

Gateway Summer Program

A free, on-campus summer experience that gives underrepresented and first-generation high school juniors an opportunity to learn about business majors.

Tippie Buddies

Tippie Buddies

Connects international and domestic students to share cultures and build friendships.

Black in Business event

Black in Business

A series of programs designed to broaden the perspectives of Black students and expose them to mentorship opportunities.

DEI case competition

National Diversity Case Competition

A two-day event hosted by the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University that brings together top-level, diverse students from across the country.

Student organizations

Reaching OUT in Business

Promotes professional development, provides support, and creates a welcoming environment for LGBTQ and ally students.

Women in Business

Offers networking events, summits, and leadership opportunities to support the success of women at Tippie.

Multicultural Business Student Association

Builds diversity on campus by offering opportunities to connect with organizations and people who value diversity.


Empowers women in finance by providing workshops, discussions, and speakers who can help members navigate their options within the field of finance.

”As part of the Multicultural Business Student Association, we put on a Diversity in Business Summit. It was one of the moments that I thought, ‘This is going to matter.’”

DEI news


DEI is a lightning rod for controversy–but the practice isn't dead

Tuesday, March 5, 2024
Michele Williams in the BBC about how the ability to work cross-culturally is an asset for employees.
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Pushing back against the ambition penalty

Friday, August 18, 2023
Are women really less ambitious than men, or are they simply stuck between a rock and a hard place due to gender norms? Hear from Tippie's Beth Livingston on the topic.
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AI needs regulation to avoid discrimination

Tuesday, June 20, 2023
As critical as AI is going to be in shaping the direction of our lives in the future, it’s imperative that an independent third-party body be created to regulate AI systems, ensuring that decisions made by algorithms are fair and don’t discriminate against disadvantaged groups.