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How to set business goals, step by step

Stephen Courtright in TechTarget about the advantages of setting business goals.
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Former NFL kicker Nate Kaeding finds ‘soft landing’ in business

Iowa MBA alum is creating fulfilling jobs and places for people to celebrate through his Gold Cap Hospitality company.
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Equipping hiring managers to spot GenAI job candidates

Emily Campion in Tech Target about the use of generative AI in job applications.
A giant wave of Nazare

Accounting's hundred-foot wave

What the research says so far about ESG disclosures.
Mark Ruedy at Deere & Co. headquarters in Moline, Ill.

An MBA gamble that paid off

Although friends and family were worried when he quit his job to pursue an MBA, Mark Ruedy was not deterred. Today he's the director of financial reporting at Deere & Company.
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Morning Chats about Success podcast with Dr. Michele Williams

Michele Williams on FASIHI's global podcast reflecting on trust in leadership.
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Roles for AI to play in the classroom

Carl Follmer in the Times Higher Education about the five roles that ChatGPT is playing in his Tippie classroom.
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Can workers be ‘punished’ for having good ideas?

Daniel Newton in The Gazette about empowering employees to act on their ideas.
Inside Higher Ed

Prioritize ChatGPT proficiency to enhance teaching and learning

Amy Kristof-Brown in Inside Higher Ed about how educators have a responsibility to think beyond cheat-proof assignments.
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How to keep great employee ideas flowing

Daniel Newton in the HR Daily Advisor about motivating employees to share their ideas even when it means more work.