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  • Assistant Professor of Marketing

    Tippie College of Business


Andrea Luangrath is an Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa. She received her PhD from the Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Professor Luangrath’s research focuses on nonverbal social influence in consumption. She investigates the role of haptics in retailing and virtual reality, the expression of nonverbal cues (via textual paralanguage) in brands’ social media content, and psychological ownership in consumer contexts. Professor Luangrath has received recognition for her research with the Early Career Research Award from the Tippie College of Business in 2021. She was also awarded the 2017 Park Young Contributor Award, an award given to an early career scholar for the best refereed paper in the Journal of Consumer Psychology. Her research has been published in top-tier academic journals such as the Journal of Marketing Research,Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, and the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. She teaches consumer behavior in the undergraduate and doctoral programs.


  • PhD in Marketing, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2016
  • BBA in Marketing and International Business, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2010

Areas of Interest

  • Consumer Linguistics
  • Haptics
  • Nonverbal Behavior
  • Psychological Ownership
  • Sensory Marketing

Professional Memberships

  • American Marketing Assocation
  • Association for Consumer Research
  • Society for Consumer Psychology

Selected Awards & Honors

  • Early Career Research Award, Tippie College of Business, 2021
  • Cannon Scholarship for Teaching Excellence, Tippie College of Business, 2020
  • C.W. Park Young Contributor Award, Society for Consumer Psychology, 2017

Selected Publications

  • Peck, J., Kirk, C., Luangrath, A. & Shu, S. (2021). Caring for the Commons: Using Psychological Ownership to Enhance Consumer Stewardship of Public Goods. Journal of Marketing 85 (2) 33-49.
  • Luangrath, A., Peck, J., Hedgcock, W. & Xu, Y. (In Press). Observing Product Touch: The Vicarious Haptic Effect in Digital Marketing and Virtual Reality. Journal of Marketing Research.
  • Hedgcock, W., Luangrath, A. & Webster, R. (2020). Counterfactual Thinking and Facial Expressions Among Olympic Medalists: A Conceptual Replication of Medvec, Madey, and Gilovich’s (1995) Findings. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.
  • Luangrath, A. W., Peck, J. & Gustafsson, A. (2020). Should I Touch the Customer? Rethinking Interpersonal Touch Effects From the Perspective of the Touch Initiator. Journal of Consumer Research 47 (4) 608-630.
  • Peck, J. & Luangrath, A. W. (2018). Looking Ahead: Future Research in Psychological Ownership. In Peck, J. & Shu, S. (Eds.) Psychological Ownership and Consumer Behavior. Springer.
  • Luangrath, A. W., Peck, J. & Barger, V. A. (2017). Textual Paralanguage and its Implications for Marketing Communications. Journal of Consumer Psychology 27 (1) 98-107.