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  • Assistant Professor of Marketing

    Tippie College of Business

Areas of Interest

  • Judgment and decision making, motivation, hedonic experience, happiness

Selected Publications

  • Ruan, B., Hsee, C. & Lu, Z. Y. (2018). The teasing effect: An underappreciated benefit of creating and resolving an uncertainty. Journal of Marketing Research 55 (4) 556-570.
  • Hsee, C. K. & Ruan, B. (2016). The Pandora effect: The power and peril of curiosity. Psychological Science 27 (5) 659-666.
  • Hsee, C. K., Yang, Y. & Ruan, B. (2015). The mere-reaction effect: Even nonpositive and noninformative reactions can reinforce actions. Journal of Consumer Research 42 (3) 420-434.
  • Hsee, C. K., Tu, Y., Lu, Z. Y. & Ruan, B. (2014). Approach aversion: Negative hedonic reactions toward approaching stimuli. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 106 (5) 699-712.