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Associate Professor Emeritus - December 2013




  • Associate Professor Emeritus - December 2013, Management and Entrepreneurship

    Tippie College of Business


  • PhD in Social Psychology, University of California, 1991
  • BA in Psychology, University of California, 1986

Areas of Interest

  • Decision Making under Risk
  • International and Cross-Cultural Negotiations
  • Negotiation Process and Strategy

Selected Awards & Honors

  • President, International Association for Conflict Management, 2005
  • President-Elect, International Association of Conflict Management, 2004

Selected Publications

  • Johnson, M. M., Ilies, R. R. & Boles, T. L. (2012). Alternative reference points and outcome evaluation: The influence of affect. Journal of Applied Psychology 97 (1) 33-45.
  • Wang, G., Seibert, S. E. & Boles, T. L. (2011). Synthesizing what we know and looking ahead: A meta-analytic review of 30 years of emotional labor research. pp. 15-43. Research on Emotions in Organizations.
  • Boles, T. L. & Moeller, L. D. (2011). The Road to Success: Learning how to Become an Effective Negotiator. Kendell Hunt.
  • Le, H., Nguyen, H. H. & Boles, T. L. (2010). Collectivism-Individualism and cooperation: A cross-cultural and cross-level examination. Negotiation and Conflict Management Research 3 (4).
  • Boles, T. L., Le, H. & Nguyen, H. D. (2010). Boles, T.L., Le, H. Nguyen, H-H. D. (2010). Persons, organizations and societies: The effects of collectivism and individualism on cooperation. Kramer, R., Tenbrunsel, A., & Bazerman, M. H. (Eds.), Social Decision Making: Social Dilemmas, Social Values, and Ethical Dilemmas. pp. 171-203. Brief-Walsh Series in Organizations and Management/ Routledge.
  • Croson, R. T., Boles, T. L. & Murnighan, J. K. (2003). Cheap talk in bargaining experiments: Lying and threats in ultimatum games. (Vols. 51). (2), pp. 143-159. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.
  • Bono, J. E., Boles, T. L., Judge, T. A. & Lauver, K. J. (2002). The Role of Personality in Task and Relationship Conflict. Journal of Personality 70 311-344.
  • deDreu, C. W., Boles, T. L., Koole, S. & Oldersma, F. (2001). Motivated Information Processing in Interpersonal Negotiation: Implications for Theory and Practice. pp. 87-100. F. Butera and G. Mugny (Eds.),Social Influence in Social Reality, Seattle/Toronto: Hogrefe & Huber.
  • Boles, T. L., Croson, R. T. & Murnighan, J. K. (2000). Deception and Retribution in Repeated Ultimatum Bargaining. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Process 83 235-259.
  • Boles, T. L. (1999). Themes and Variations on Shared Knowledge in Organizations. pp. 327-347. In J. Levine, D. M. Messick and L. Thompson (Eds.), Shared Cognition in Organizations. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.

Selected Presentations

  • Boles, T. L. (2012, December) Globalization and the World Economy. Oral presented at World Canvas, Senate Chambers, Old Capital, University of Iowa.
  • Boles, T. L. (2012, February) The Road to Negotiation Success. Oral presented at Mentors Banquet; Vaughan Institute, Iowa City.

Selected Grants & Contracts

  • Boles, Terry L (Co-Principal), Knudson, Ann (Co-Principal) International Learning Communities. Sponsored by Buiness in International Education. Funded. July 1, 2008 - July 1, 2010.

Professional Service

  • International Association of Conflict Management, Advisory Board Member, Past President.
  • Iowa City Foreign Relations Council, Board Membership, Nonprofit, January 2011 - September 2011.

Editorial & Review Activities

  • Academy of Management Journal, Referee.
  • Journal of Applied Psychology, Referee.
  • Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Referee.
  • Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Referee.
  • Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, Editorial Board Member.
  • Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Process, Referee.
  • Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Editorial Board Member.