Get an assist when you need it

The Young Alumni Board mentoring committee has developed two mentoring programs to assist current Tippie students as they seek employment in the business world.

Summer program

The Summer Mentor Program targets Tippie students and recent graduates who are interested in being connected with a Tippie alum during a six-week mentoring program. The mentor serves as a professional resource for the student and helps the student build their professional network in that industry and city. Mentoring resources and guidelines will be provided to both the mentor and mentee. Matches to students are primarily based on industry interest and where applicable, in the same city.

Semester program

The Semester Mentor Program is a pilot program that started in the Spring of 2019. The pilot program is open to Tippie students enrolled in Foundations for Success in Business (BUS:220:0EXW). Students are matched with a Young Alumni Board (YAB) member with the same major or career focus. This program emphasizes long-term career exploration and planning. The YAB mentors provide resume, LinkedIn, and mock interview feedback for the mentees. Communication will take place primarily by phone and email. This program is currently on hold.

Summer program details

Who are the mentors?

Tippie alums working in the student mentee's target industry and, where applicable, in the same city of their internship/volunteer opportunity.

How does it help?

The program provides access to the Hawkeye community outside Iowa City as well as insight into careers and professional opportunities.

How does it work?

The alum mentor will contact the Tippie student mentee at the beginning of summer and will meet with them at least three times virtually throughout the six-week program.

What is the time commitment for this program?

Mentors and mentees will be asked to participate in a kick-off call, provide feedback via a mid-summer survey, and attend the program wrap-up call at the beginning of August. We will request that each alum connects with their mentee at least three times during the mentoring program.

How do I sign up?

The application period is open until May 1. You will receive your mentoring match via email by May 5.

Apply to be a mentee

The Young Alumni board will do their best to match all alumni applicants with a mentee. However, not all applicants may be selected to participate pending student participation.

Sign up to be a mentor

Semester program details

Who are the mentors?

During this pilot program the mentoring opportunity is available only to Tippie YAB members.

How does it help?

Provide insight related to your major, your experience at Tippie, and your transition to working professional. The match gets hands-on help to set you up for success.

How does it work?

Your YAB mentor will contact you early in the semester, but you will be the driver of the mentoring relationship. Your primary contact will be via email or phone, but we encourage you to meet in person if possible.

How do I sign up?

The program is currently on hold.