Financial and legal considerations for every stage of your life

At every stage of your life, there are financial and legal matters to consider. The Life Lessons Webinars are designed to provide you with a high-level perspective on navigating these stages. 

Attend as many as you like, and remember, they will all be recorded and shared on this webpage. Tippie's Alumni Webinars are free and open to anyone who registers. 

First Steps: Finding your financial footing

Getting a job means deciphering a company's benefit plan, signing up for health insurance, retirement accounts, and more. This webinar provides explanations, insight, and clarification on the finance implications of starting a new job (from beneficiaries to exemptions to savings plans).

Presenters include Bob Walker (MBA91), author of Personal Finance: Building Your Future, Tippie faculty member and entrepreneur; Brenda LaMarche (BBA90), President of BRL Human Resources Consulting; and Corey Collins (BBA14), Talent Partner at Netflix. 


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All's Fair in Love and Money: How money can affect your personal relationships

Money and love are sticky subjects. What happens when one partner's spending and saving habits don't align with the other's? What if one partner has significant debt (bankruptcy or loans) or one partner comes from substantial money?

Hear from professionals about what you should consider (financially) when you're thinking about formalizing your partnership.

Moderated by University of Iowa Law Professor Ann Estin, who holds the Aliber Family Chair in Law. Panelists include Christine McElvania (MBA14), partner at Quad Cities Investment Group; Breanna Young (BA01/JD04), Shareholder Attorney at Dentons Davis Brown PC; and Jacob Priest, Associate Professor of Couples and Family Therapy in the UI College of Education and licensed marriage and family therapist.  


Building and Protecting Your Nest

So, you're settling down...perhaps purchasing a house or starting a family. What are the things that you need to consider (and act upon) once you start owning property and when kids enter the picture?

We'll explore various insurance vehicles, discuss trust and custody issues, and provide insight into how to hire a financial planner. Moderated by Terri Vaughan (BBA79), Professional Director of the University of Iowa Emmett J. Vaughan Institute of Risk Management and Insurance, panelists include Beth Legue (JD12), Vice President and Trust Officer at MidWestOne Bank; Susan Haack (MBA01), Tippie College Adjunct Lecturer in Risk Management and Insurance; and Lawrence Epperly (BBA10/MBA14), Portfolio Manager, Legacy Wealth Management. 

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Getting Your Ducks in a Row: The documents you need and the challenging discussions you need to have

There comes a time in every one's life when you need to think about the inevitable. For many families, being unprepared creates more work, legal red tape, and potential family conflicts. If only we were better prepared and had made sure that we had all our papers in place (wills, healthcare and medical powers of attorney, etc.). This webinar will provide insight into the documents you should have in hand and how to begin those discussions with your loved ones.

Moderated by Cynthia Nance (MA91/JD89), Dean of the University of Arkansas Law School. Panelists include Thomas Gelman (JD78), attorney with Phelan Tucker Law LLC, Kyle Irvin (JD05), Senior Vice President at The Security National Bank of Sioux City, and Sarah Neary (MSW09), social worker at Oaknoll Retirement Residences.


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Ready, Set, Retire: Planning for your golden years

You've worked hard, saved your money, and now you're starting to think about retirement. Can you retire early? How do you cover health care during retirement?

Learn more about the lifecycle of spending during retirement, how to plan for retirement, and different social security withdrawal strategies.

Moderated by Tippie faculty member Cathy Zaharis (BBA 82) with panelists Jim Wessels (BBA93/MBA99), Partner and Financial Advisor at Vision Financial Group, and Justin Ryan (BA05), Financial Advisor and Owner of Hawkeye Financial Group. 

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Death is in the Details

Preparing for your own death means you have a lot to think about: do you want to leave a legacy or spend it all while you're here? Are inheritance taxes the same in every state (hint: the answer is no)? What are your final wishes, and are people prepared (and have you done the proper paperwork) so that those wishes can be followed? What do you need to do if you are wrapping up an estate?

Our team of experts will provide guidance and insight to help you prepare. Moderated by Pat Heiden (BGS81), former Executive Director of Oaknoll Retirement Residence, with panelists Susan Hagan (BA90/JD94), Executive Director of Planned Giving at the UI Center for Advancement; Robert Michael (BS84/JD87), Partner at Holland, Michael, Raiber & Sittig PLC; and Michael Lensing, Funeral Director and Co-owner, Lensing Funeral and Cremation Services.

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Last, But Not Least: Tax Considerations for Life's Milestones

Life's milestones come with celebrations, emotions, and decision-making. It's easy to get caught up in the planning and details of events while neglecting to consider tax planning.

Starting a new job, marriage or divorce, buying a home, starting a family, retirement, and death all present unique tax issues and require proactive decisions to optimize tax consequences.

Join Tippie Associate Professor of Practice Kay Hegarty, CPA (BBA80), as she discusses tax-related considerations for each stage of life. 

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