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The Dore-Tippie Women’s Leadership Program is a flagship program that promotes gender equity among students, faculty, and alumni. All those associated with the program receive training, skills, experiences, resources, and opportunities to build community with one another. 

The Dore Program supports faculty fellows in historically male-dominated departments, providing support for research that helps support our women faculty. Dore also supports the Tippie Women Summit and the Women in Analytics and Leadership Conference, along with other initiatives that provide professional development and resources to women students and alumni.

Dore Emerging Leaders Fellows are taking the first steps toward becoming authentic and empowered leaders. Each year, a class of first year, direct admit women leaders are invited to join the program. The Dore Program facilitates connections among our fellows, and between them and alums, more senior students, alumni, staff, and faculty to build a lasting community of leaders.

Supported programs

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Dore Emerging Leaders Fellowship Program

The Dore Emerging Leaders Fellowship Program is part of the Dore-Tippie Women’s Leadership Program at the Tippie College of Business. We inducted our inaugural class of Emerging Leaders in 2020-2021 and invite a new class of freshmen each year.

Eligible Prospective Incoming Students: High-potential students entering Tippie as direct admit students from high school who have demonstrated interest in promoting women’s leadership.

What you will receive: A $250 scholarship in the fall and $250 in the spring of your freshman year, contingent upon fulfilling program expectations. Participants will be asked to participate in leadership building activities during the fall and spring semesters and attend two receptions with other Emerging Leadership Fellows.

Eligible students will be invited to join the Dore Emerging Leadership Fellows during the summer before their freshman year. Reach out to Faculty Director Professor Beth Livingston for more information.

Speaker at Women in Analytics Conference

Women in Analytics and Leadership Conference

Get the perspective of leading women in analytics and learn about their unique challenges and opportunities.

Tippie Women Summit

Tippie Women Summit

A series of events providing insights and inspiration to women in business in Iowa and around the world.

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Beth Livingston

Beth Livingston

Faculty Director, Dore-Tippie Program