Frustration at work

Improve Your Culture to Keep Good Employees

When workers leave a job, it’s as likely to be that they feel mistreated as for financial reasons or career advancement.
A hand holding a paper that reads: "Tax Return: Just Sign Here" with the US capitol in the backround.

Is the U.S. ready for ReadyReturn?

Tippie tax expert Ryan Wilson says it’s high time we had our taxes done for us—by the government.
someone accounting with a calculator and computer

Invest in an injury-free workplace

Accounting Professor Danye Wang finds that workplaces with fewer injuries have more accurate earnings reports.
A fantasy football drafting sheet

Bet on an analytics-driven fantasy draft

Professor of Business Analytics Jeffrey Ohlmann’s take on how to draft a better football team using data.
stock quotes

The buddy system: Investors step up for start-ups from their alma mater.

Professor of Finance Jon Garfinkel’s research shows that investors and entrepreneurs are more likely to work together if they share a collegiate alma mater.
people waiting in a line

Think your way to a shorter wait

Professor Alice Wang’s research shows that people who think about concrete details perceive shorter wait time.
A hand blocking falling dominoes, representing a risk.

Parent trap: How kids can hold back your career

Management researcher Amy Colbert explores how employees become more risk-averse when they become parents.
People holding phones

Can’t stop, won’t stop: What to expect from the next wave of AI

Professor of Business Analytics Patrick Fan offers his expert opinion on what we can expect from AI in 2024 … and beyond.