Wednesday, March 10, 2021

The University of Iowa and Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa have formed a new partnership that will streamline the process for Cornell College students to be admitted to the Master of Science in Finance program in the university’s Tippie College of Business.

The agreement will allow Cornell College seniors to apply for admission to the Tippie graduate program provided they meet certain requirements for GPA and course completion. Qualified students will receive conditional admission to the master’s program pending their graduation from Cornell College. Up to five admission slots in the program will be reserved for Cornell College students.

“The agreement provides Cornell economics and business students an accelerated pathway to advanced education in a highly ranked finance program leading to a high-income career,” says Cornell College Professor of Economics and Business Elmira Shekari Namin.

Students majoring in any of the six majors offered by the Economics and Business Department who meet the minimum GPA requirement can apply through this accelerated path and do not need to go through the lengthy application process with GRE score and recommendation letters requirements, says Namin.

“It provides an excellent opportunity for students to start building a career in finance by gaining an in-depth understanding of the field, building problem-solving and research skills, and expanding their professional network, Namin continues. “The broad skill set and hands-on experiences that Cornell students gain in a liberal arts context put them in a great position to succeed as graduate students.”

Tom Rietz, professor of finance and department executive officer of the Tippie College’s finance department, says the agreement will provide a route for Cornell College students interested in careers in finance a leg up to a world class graduate program. For the university, it will build a pipeline to attract some of Cornell College’s outstanding undergraduate students.

The partnership takes effect with students in Cornell College’s graduating class of 2021.

Cornell College senior Austin Thomas says, “The agreement will give students the idea right from the start of the undergraduate life that grad school is an option for them. For myself, I had not even considered grad school until I heard about this opportunity. I am excited about exploring various areas of finance and finding which specific paths I am most passionate about. This is also an excellent chance to make meaningful connections with exceptional students, professors, and alumni at the University of Iowa.”