Wednesday, June 15, 2022
By Amy Kristof-Brown

What a legacy.

By his own account, Henry B. Tippie’s time at the University of Iowa was a pivotal point in his life. Henry was one of the greatest examples I've ever seen of humility and appreciation for those who provided the foundation for his professional career. Henry took his gratitude to the next level, by turning it into opportunity for others.

Henry invested in people. He made his first gift to the university a mere four years after he graduated–it was $5 toward a student scholarship. Through the years, Henry and his wife, Patricia, provided over 900 students with scholarship support. We’ve heard from many of them personally about how the Tippie Scholarship made possible their path through college and onto professional success. You can read some of these stories among the tributes here.

Henry also appreciated how great teachers could impact generations of students and invested heavily in our faculty. Over the years his support has allowed us to recruit and retain your most beloved professors.

Henry also invested in me. Not only do I now have the privilege of being the Henry B. Tippie Dean, but for several years my research was supported by a Henry B. Tippie Fellowship and then Professorship. It’s hard to underscore what a profound impact this had on me both professionally and personally. It allowed me to cultivate over 24 years of teaching and mentoring students, conduct research that impacts the workplace, and step into leadership roles. Henry and Patricia’s support has been tremendous, and not just financially. During the chaos of the early pandemic, he thoughtfully reached out via email to tell my team and me that we were “…doing an outstanding job during these most challenging times.” I recently attended his memorial service in Austin and heard similar stories from others. He believed in people and let them know it.

Henry’s Wall Street Journal obituary recounted how someone once asked what he enjoyed more, making money or giving it away.

“I enjoy both equally,” he said.

Henry Tippie is truly an example of someone who left the world with far more than he ever took.


Amy Kristof-Brown
Henry B. Tippie Dean

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