Monday, May 13, 2024
Natalie Costello

Natalie Costello (BBA87)
Former Vice President | BP

Q1 What are you reading? If you asked my husband, Tom, he might say “What is she not reading?!” Seriously, on my nightstand is the book Les Parisiennes by Anne Sebba. It’s a fascinating non-fiction account of how women in Paris lived, loved, and died during and after the Nazi occupation in the 1940s. It’s about choices and decisions they faced daily to survive and either collaborate or resist the powers of the era.

Q1 Who is inspiring you?

My children, Anna and JD, who are in their early and mid-twenties, respectively. Watching them navigate young adulthood, build their independent lives, develop their careers, and live on their own and support themselves financially is a joy. 

Q2 What is the best part of your day?

Early in the morning shortly before the sun starts rising. Living on the east coast of Florida, we have some of the most beautiful sunrises I’ve ever seen. I love to wake early, meditate, read, learn, contemplate, and dream for an hour or so.


Sepehr Roudini

Sepehr Roudini
Finance Ph.D. Student | Tippie College of Business

Q1 What are you reading?

The Code Breaker by Walter Isaacson. It is an incredible book that explores the groundbreaking research of Nobel Prize winner Jennifer Doudna in genome editing and its potential impact on the future of humanity.

Q2 Who is inspiring you? 

I’m inspired by those who courageously fight for truth and freedom, whether it’s journalists uncovering corruption, activists advocating for human rights, or individuals challenging oppressive systems. After all, the core of social science research is to shed light on the truth.

Q3 What is the best part of your day?

The best part of my day is the evening when I can be with loved ones, whether it’s sharing a meal or simply enjoying each other’s company.



Lawrence Cook

Lawrence Cook
Professional Director, Master of Finance program; Associate Professor of Practice | Tippie College of Business 

Q1 What are you reading? The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. An interesting novel from years back challenging the reader to think through some of the basic concepts of our time.

Q2 Who is inspiring you? My son, Cameron.  As a naval officer, Cam’s currently on deployment in the Middle East. His experience puts everything in context!

Q3 What is the best part of your day? Watching television at day’s end on the couch with Peanut Butter, our English Bulldog. She's a good girl!



This article appeared in the 2024 issue of Exchange magazine