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Anand Vijh
Marvin and Rose Lee Pomerantz Chair in Finance
S286 Pappajohn Business Building (PBB)
Academic history 
PhD in Finance, University of California, Berkeley, 1987
MBA, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India, 1979
BTech in Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Tech. Delhi India, 1977
Corporate Finance
Empirical capital markets
Selected publications 

The effects of firm growth and model specification choices
on tests of earnings management in quarterly settings.
Daniel W. Collins, Raunaq Pungaliya, Anand M. Vijh, The Accounting Review (forthcoming)

What do credit markets tell us about the speed of leverage adjustment?. Redouane Elkamhi, Raunaq Pungaliya, Anand M. Vijh, Management Science, 2014, vol 60, 2269-2290

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Does a parent-subsidiary structure enhance financing flexibility?. Anand M. Vijh, The Journal of Finance, 2006, vol 61, 1337-1360

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