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Tippie is more than a business college. It’s your solution—for recruiting top talent, uncovering big ideas, solving business problems, and accessing unique expertise.

We prepare our students for focused careers like investment banking, business analytics, or risk management. We bring together teams of students to work on real-world problems and develop recommendations that your firm can put in place immediately.  We help organizations get their existing workforce ready to face the challenges of tomorrow. We help you close your company’s skill gaps with programs custom-tailored to your needs. Explore all that we have to offer our partners. You’ll find the more touch points you have with us, the more you have to gain.

Recruit business students

Iowa business students are in demand because of their work ethic and the rigorous business education that prepares them for the real world. Whether you’re interested in hiring undergrads, master's students, MBAs or PhDs, we make it easy for you to recruit the best talent. Post your jobs and internships online, review resumes, and interview to find the perfect hire.

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Invest in your people

Your people are your biggest resource. From graduate-level certificates to master’s degrees, we offer programs that let working professionals gain in-demand skills and apply them at work the next day. Invest in your people by sponsoring their education (in part or fully), and enjoy the added benefit of attracting and retaining top talent.

Talent development programs

Let us tackle your projects

Business students at all levels are eager to take on real-world business problems. It’s called experiential learning and it’s an integral part of the Tippie experience. You gain a fresh perspective on your business problems while our students put classroom learning into practice. There are many different ways this works—let us find the right solution for you.

Student projects & consulting

Partner with our faculty

Connections between industry partners and Tippie’s expert faculty offer the ultimate win-win: You get access to experts with cutting-edge knowledge and our faculty integrate real-world business problems into their research. Explore our areas of expertise and connect with us to see how we can work together.

Faculty and research partnerships

Let us build a custom-tailored program

Join a growing number of Iowa businesses and nonprofits that are turning to Tippie to support their learning and development programs. Our team spends time to understand your organization's objectives and brings you the best of what the University of Iowa has to offer—expert faculty and programs that deliver focused learning experiences.

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Get in touch

Whether you are a future partner or an existing one looking to build on our relationship, we’d love to hear from you.

Mackenzie DeRoo
Associate Director, Corporate Development
Graduate-level Career Services