Gain insight on how leaders can prioritize worker well-being and how everyone can be mindful of their own mental health at work

A staggering 84% of people report that their current work contributes to mental health challenges. This problem, made more challenging by the COVID-19 pandemic, motivated the U.S. Surgeon General to declare workplace well-being as a top priority.

In conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Month and based on the U.S. Surgeon General’s Framework for Workplace Mental Health & Well-Being, the five-part Workplace Well-Being Webinar Series provides evidence-based tools for flourishing at work and promoting employee well-being. These tools are based on groundbreaking research done by our very own Tippie faculty.

You’re welcome to attend as many webinars as you would like. All webinars are recorded and shared via the college’s YouTube page. Tippie's Alumni Webinars are free and open to anyone who registers.

Protection from Harm: Prioritizing Psychological Safety & Enabling Adequate Rest

Eean Crawford—an internationally recognized expert on employee engagement—and Emily Campion— whose groundbreaking research on fatigue and videoconferencing has influenced how CEOs think about remote work—will discuss the conditions for psychological safety at work and strategies for prioritizing employee engagement and reducing employee fatigue.

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Connection and Community: Creating Cultures of Inclusion and Belonging & Cultivating Trusted Relationships

Beth Livingston—author of the best-selling book “Shared Sisterhood”—and Michele Williams—whose research on trust and entrepreneurship is frequently cited in top media outlets—will discuss how to build a culture of inclusion in which supportive relationships and collaborative work creates the conditions for employee well-being and increased productivity.

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Providing Autonomy Over How Work Is Done & Respecting Boundaries between Work and Nonwork Time

Greg Stewart—a global expert and consultant on workplace autonomy and self-managing teams—and Jennifer Nahrgang—whose research on job design and employee side hustles has won international awards and influenced corporate executives—will discuss the benefits of providing employees with autonomy and flexibility in how their work is done, and how leaders can respect and model work-life balance.

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Engaging Workers in Workplace Decisions & Connecting Individual Work with Organizational Mission

Daniel Newton—a scholar whose research on employee voice and engagement is influencing how astronauts work in the International Space Station—and Amy Colbert—a globally recognized expert on how people find and create meaning at work—will discuss strategies for fostering a sense of shared purpose and helping people feel like their ideas and inputs matter to the organization.

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Opportunity for Growth: Offering Quality Training, Education, and Mentoring & Ensuring Relevant Reciprocal Feedback

Ken Brown—one of the world’s most sought-after experts on employee training and development—and Stephen Courtright—whose research on leadership development has earned global awards and influenced Fortune 500s—will discuss strategies for helping employees develop skills, recognize strengths, and leverage growth and learning opportunities.

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