Current PhD students in finance

Below is a listing of current PhD students in finance. For detailed information on job-market candidates, please visit the departmental pages.

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Agarwal, Prerna S317 PBB 319-335-0973
Hamilton, Dennis S217 PBB 319-335-0926
Hammoudeh, Mosab S349 PBB 319-335-0980
Irlbeck, Steven S217 PBB 319-335-0926
McKee, Eric S349 PBB 319-335-0980
Meng, Bo S217 PBB 319-335-0926
Penney, Christopher S252 PBB 319-335-0929
Wang, Jue S217 PBB 319-335-0926
Wee, Hyunbok S317 PBB 319-335-0973
Yang, Keyang S349 PBB 319-335-0980
Ying, Jie S349 PBB 319-335-0980

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