Develop expertise in a $100 trillion industry

Popular culture glorifies the big overnight gains of stocks, but the truth is bonds are the backbone of the world economy.

Since the size of the bond market has more than tripled in the past 15 years, there is a critical need for financial professionals who speak and understand the language of “fixed income.”

Whether it’s managing sovereign debt, raising capital in the enterprise, or diversifying an investment portfolio, having a solid understanding of bonds and their markets is critical for finance professionals.

The Hart Fund, the University of Iowa's student-managed fixed income fund, is your opportunity to go beyond the basics and develop expertise in this critical domain.

Apply classroom theory at the trade desk

It’s not just an academic exercise when real dollars are on the line.

In Tippie's Master of Finance Program, you’ll develop significant expertise in fixed income and derivatives through a sequence of core courses required of all students.

But you’ll also have the opportunity to go above and beyond through the Hart Fund (our fixed income fund) course, an experiential learning opportunity that connects classroom theory to the trade desk.

For an entire semester you’ll work as a bond analyst in the fund. You’ll be responsible for understanding a sector, and will look for bond-related investment opportunities in it. You’ll learn how to assess risk, make recommendations, and pitch your recommendations to your colleagues and the fund advisory board.

Do so successfully and you can make the trades and take the position you’ve advocated for.

Be a master of munis, sovereigns, corporates, and high yield bonds

Since the world of bonds is notoriously illiquid, often has high transaction costs, and is not centrally traded, Tippie’s Hart fixed-income fund mostly trades in ETFs—Exchange Traded Funds—that allow you to buy, sell, and hold corporate bonds, US Treasuries, munis, agency issues, and more. You’ll develop actual expertise in bonds by trading in the funds that own them.

Careers in fixed income

There are more fixed income roles than equity roles in the finance industry, and smart students develop expertise in both.

When you work as an analyst in Tippie’s Hart fixed income fund, you’ll participate in a unique, real-world bond investment fund that prepares you with the skills you need to work for the biggest players in the bond markets. Think large institutions like governments, banks, insurance companies, states, municipalities, mutual funds, and more.

From the CFO office to the trade desk, there’s a real need for top talent with demonstrable experience and expertise in fixed income.