Real money. Real stakes. Real success.

This is as real as it gets. The Henry Fund is your opportunity to decide the investment strategy of a $23 million equity fund. Buy, sell, or hold, your research and analysis determines which positions the fund takes.

For the savvy analyst with an eye for opportunity, the rewards are real. Since 1994 this student-led investment fund has averaged a 12.32% return, handily beating the S&P 500. What’s more, your work has a direct impact on your peers and colleagues. Proceeds regularly fund student scholarships and programs that benefit students.

Do you have what it takes to continue this tradition of performance?

Calling all creative thinkers

It takes more than a casual interest in equity funds to gain admittance to the Henry Fund. With a limited number of spots available in this popular two-semester course sequence, you’ll apply by performing your own analysis on an assigned security. On application day, you’ll turn in your investment research report and present to a room full of faculty and current Henry Fund analysts.

In this world, technical analysis and modeling are just table stakes. To be admitted, you’ll need to present your research and recommendations in just a few minutes' time while fielding questions from the audience. In the end, only about a dozen of the most prepared and creative thinkers are selected. Are you ready?

Build your brand

There are lots of ways to build a resume, but few ways to build your brand that are as meaningful as the Henry Fund. As a Henry Fund analyst, you’ll publish investment research—three times a semester—under your own name on the Henry Fund website. Fund positions and analyst research reports are promoted on social media to investment and professional audiences. This means your buy, sell, and hold research reports are public, as is the complete history of the fund’s performance.

As you develop expertise in your industry sectors and securities, you’ll build a portfolio of professional work to use when you hit the job market.

Not just for future fund managers

While guiding a multi-million-dollar equity portfolio is impressive, it’s not the most valuable thing about the Henry Fund experience. By far, the tools and skills you learn during the experience are what pay lifelong dividends, regardless of where your career and interests take you. In the Henry Fund, you’ll develop expertise that will set you apart in any career from consulting to corporate finance.

As a Henry Fund analyst, you’ll learn how to:

  • Dig into a company, understand what drives it, and develop a perspective of where you think the company—and industry—are going
  • Understand the relationship between a company, its competitors, the overall economy, and current news and events
  • Build effective projections and valuation models
  • Conduct a sensitivity analysis of your models
  • Stand up in front of an audience and effectively sell your guidance, analysis, and expertise
“When I started my internship in the summer, I already knew most of what I needed for the role because of my work on the Henry Fund.”

An elite network of high achievers

If you thought the Tippie alumni network was tight, the Henry Fund network takes it to the next level. Since it launched in 1994, the Henry Fund has graduated more than 300 alumni—CIOs in capital investment firms, CFOs in multi-national companies, analysts on Wall Street.

They’re vested in the success of our analysts, and often work in an advisory capacity for the fund. As a Henry Fund alum, you’ll be part of this network, sharing a bond and connection forged through shared experience.