Monday, June 7, 2021
How Henry and Patricia Tippie Met comic

Image description and text content of the Henry Tippie comic:

Title in gold with black outline: How Henry and Patricia Tippie Met

Young Henry Tippie, wearing black frame glasses and a suit approaches Plantation Restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Text reads: It was the summer of ’55 and love was in the air… although they didn’t know it yet.

Inside the restaurant we see a black and white checkered floor, light blue chairs, and tables with ketchup and mustard bottles.

Text reads: Patricia was a new waitress the first time she took Henry’s order.

He rattles off his order ending in “with tomato juice.”

She thinks: “Is he even going to look up from his paper?” and says, “Sir, all I got was your tomato juice. Can you repeat your order?”

He turns to her with a serious look on his face and slowly repeats: “Hamburger and fries… with a side of applesauce… and a tomato juice.”

Patricia in the back of the restaurant, talking to another waitress who is washing dishes: “I never want to wait on that man again!”

Text reads: But this was the closest restaurant to Henry’s office, and he was a regular. Eventually Patricia had no choice but to wait on him.

One day he wasn’t reading his newspaper and struck up a conversation with Patricia.

“What are you majoring in,” he asked her.

“Accounting and secretarial,” she said.

“I’ll help you if I can,” he said, handing her a business card.

Thought bubble from Patricia says “Oh, he’s actually nice!”

Text reads: In fact, when he left it was quite clear they had made quite an impression on each other…

Thought bubble from Henry, as he leaves the restaurant: “Maybe I should ask her out…”

Patricia holds a shiny silver dollar that Henry left as a tip as she watches him leave.

Text reads: Eventually they went on a first date.

Picture shows Henry in a suit and Patricia in a blue dress with white polka dots, dancing together.

The DJ announces, “And now, “Ebb Tide.”

Text reads: And what a night that turned out to be…

Patricia sits on a yellow couch, still wearing her blue dress with white polka dots, filing her nails. She is thinking, “I think I met the man I want to marry!”

Henry and Patricia hold hands walking on a beach, wearing swimming suits.

Text reads: They dated all summer, spending time at the beach, at parties with friends, going out dancing… and playing cards together.

Henry and Patricia sit at a folding table, playing cards.

Text reads: When summer ended Patricia moved back to college they kept in touch with dozens of love letters.

Picture shows a split panel of Patricia laying down, clutching a letter to her chest, with a thought bubble with two hearts and “My Tip!” In the right half of the panel, we see Henry Tippie thinking “I’ve got to write Patricia about the Tony Martin show!” He is in a tan suit in front of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

Text reads: Just six months after they met, Henry had no doubt in his mind…

Henry and Patricia sit at a white tableclothed table, the New York City skyline at night out the window. They were at the Rainbow Room in New York City in January 1956, when he asked her, “What would you think abut living in Rehoboth…”

Text reads: And so on June 27, 1956 they became husband and wife.

Patricia is wearing a white wedding dress with a veil and holding a bouquet of white orange blossom flowers. Henry is in a navy blue suit with a yellow tie and a white flower pinned to his lapel.

Text reads: 65 years later… they have 3 children, 9 grandchildren, 11 great grandchildren (and counting…), and Henry and Patricia are still happily in love.

Last frame: Current day picture of Henry and Patricia, standing in Pat’s Diner in the Tippie College of Business on the University of Iowa campus. Henry is wearing a dark grey suit with an “I” pin on the lapel and a black and gold striped tie. Patricia is to his right, in a blue-grey top, gold earrings, and a gold lariat necklace.