Employees need to disconnect from work and rest to be at their best, but too often work doesn’t allow them to do that.
Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Pointless meetings, evening emails, and not enough time to unwind in general means too many unrested employees, and unrested employees are less engaged, less efficient, and less productive.

Emily Campion, assistant professor of management and entrepreneurship in the TCOB, points to a recent Gallup poll finding that bears this out. It found 44% of respondents felt excess stress at work, which likely figures into the finding that only 12% felt their work made them happy.

How can employers help employees get the rest they need to be most engaged and most productive? Campion suggests:

  • Establish and respect employees’ personal lives, such as prohibiting after-hours emails
  • Designate no-meeting days, where people can focus on getting projects done
  • Provide mental health days as a benefit

Campion suggests also shutting the company down every once in awhile to ensure people take time away from work and send the message that rest is a priority. She said the financial services company NerdWallet has done this without seeing any drop in productivity.