Remembering those we have lost
Wednesday, February 28, 2024
Mark Frazier

Mark L. Frazier (BBA72)
November 7, 1949 – May 19, 2023
Tippie Society Member

Devoted Hawkeye fan Mark Frazier passed away last May. Among his many professional achievements, he was the founder of Silveroak Companies, a land development organization. Frazier was also a supporter of the Tippie College of Business, where he established a full-ride scholarship for students from his hometown of Chariton, Iowa.

Johannes Ledolter

Johannes Ledolter
August 26, 1950 – November 5, 2023
Robert Thomas Holmes Professor of Business Analytics

“Hannes” Ledolter joined the college in the late 1970s and enjoyed teaching statistics at all levels at Iowa and other prestigious universities in the U.S. and Austria. Ledolter’s academic curiosity led him to explore the world as an applied statistician when the field was just beginning. His collaborative research method was influenced by his mentor George Box, who taught him to let the real-world problem dictate the statistical method needed—or invent one yourself. He and his wife, Professor Lea VanderVelde, were a trailblazing duo on the UI campus, sustaining and propelling each other’s careers forward to great success. Ledolter authored more than 10 books and 150 papers, earning over 9,000 citations. He also received numerous awards over his more than 40-year career, including a William G. Hunter Award from the American Society for Quality, the Dean’s Teaching Award, an Executive MBA Great Instructor of the Year Award, and a Faculty Career Achievement Award.

Forrest Nelson

Forrest D. Nelson
September 1, 1946 – September 21, 2023
Emeritus Professor of Economics

Forrest Nelson joined the Tippie faculty in 1980 and was one of the founders of the Iowa Electronics Market in 1998, which he and many others used as a research and prediction tool for topics ranging from influenza to presidential elections. He was a member of the Econometric Society and also served as the Department of Economics director of undergraduate studies, was an honors program advisor, and held a Henry B. Tippie Research Fellowship prior to his retirement in 2015.

David Pickering

David G. Pickering
January 2, 1964 – June 26, 2023
Tippie Society Member

David Pickering was a donor to Tippie and an engineering manager at Siessent in Beveray, Mass. His wealth of interests and hobbies included travel, wine, sports, and spending time in nature. He and his wife, Amanda (Van Treese) Pickering (BBA90), support business students through the establishment of an endowed scholarship.

Scott Taylor

Scott L. Taylor (BBA82)
May 8, 1945 – September 14, 2023
Tippie Society Member

Scott Taylor was a veteran of the U.S. Army as well as a fourth-place finisher in the 1972 Munich Olympics’ modern pentathlon. He made his fortune in finance and real estate, and later established a student-managed fund at Tippie in honor of his former professor, Charles E. Marberry.



Dorothea Jo Barker (BSC41/MA50)

Ruth F. Bogen (BSC49)

June S. Carlton (BSC46)

Virginia H. Cheney (BSC43)

Frank L. Green (BSC48)

Jo Ann Hartle (BSC49)

Thomas P. Hogan (BSC49)

Mary Ellen Larson (BSC45)

Harvey Masimore (BSC48)

Mary Lou Nowak (BSC41)

Verne E. Ocheltree (BSC49)

Robert G. Seabury (BSC48)



Sidney C. Abraham (BSC50)

Ronald C. Bark (BSC51)

A. Grant Bening (BSC50)

James E. Blossfeld (BSC54)

Jack H. Carstensen (BSC53)

Thad R. Chamberlain (BSC52)

Douglas L. Clifton (BSC51)

William J. Denton (BSC59)

Robert P. Ebersole (BSC53/JD57/MBA58)

George L. Eichacker (BA51/MA51)

Everett H. Eide (BSC55)

Robert W. Gifft (BSC52)

Richard K. Hagerty (BSC50/MBA65)

Donald D. Helm (BSC51)

Marvin L. Hiddleson (BSC59)

Tony L. Huebsch (BA51/MBA72)

Robert R. Huibregtse (BSC55)

Arlo L. Hummel (BSC59)

William G. Joor (BSC54)

Nancy V. Klockenkemper (BSC58)

Thomas J. Kregel (BSC59)

Lesley J. Kupka (BSC51)

Gilbert C. Leslie (BSC50)

Roger L. Love (BA54/MA58)

James S. Marcovis (BSC53)

Charles A. McComas (BSC58)

William E. Metcalfe (BSC51)

Stuart L. Meulpolder (BSC59)

Richard A. Nickels (BSC58)

Gerald L. Nordquist (BSC53/MA56/PhD60)

Judith R. Overton (BSC57)

Mary Deborah Paige (BSC52/MA60)

Robert D. Randolph (BSC57)

Byron G. Riley (BSC52/JD57)

Joseph I. Rosenthal (BSC50)

Gene A. Schmidt (BSC55)

Dallas E. Schrader (BSC57/MA67)

Larry T. Spain (BSC56)

George L. Sundberg (BSC55)

Lyle S. Tennis (MA50/BED44)

Stuart W. Thoms (BSC56)

Bonnie A. Toillion (BSC58)

Dale A. Turnmire (BSC54)

Richard J. Vandenberg (BSC59)

Louis D. Volpp (BS52/MA56/PhD58)

D. William Wahlers (BSC59)

William H. Weldon (BBA57)

John G. L. Wilcox (BSC58)

Frank T. Wiley (BSC58)

Shirley M. Williams (BSC54)

Marvin Winick (BSC55/JD59)

Keith R. Wright (BSC50)



Douglas K. Atterberg (BA67/MBA68)

Sarah L. Beatty (BA61/MBA90)

Dale R. Bixler (BBA60)

Joseph F. Boeker (BBA68)

James T. Breuer (BBA61)

Charles R. Britton (BA64/MA65/PhD71)

Jerald R. Bronemann (BBA63/LLB65)

D. James Bundy (BBA61)

Glen H. Colville (BBA61)

Leslie G. Droe (BBA60)

Marcia Jones Everson (BSC66)

Terry L. Fouts (BBA68/MA73)

David E. Funkhouser (BBA64/JD67)

Richard E. Hallett (BA62/MBA65)

Calvin E. Harmsen (BBA69/MA70)

Douglas L. Heerema (MA63/PhD66)

Carolyn A. Heitz (BBA60/MA66/PhD79)

Jack L. Hill (BBA60/MA68)

Keith E. Johnson (BBA64/MA65)

Donn C. Larson (BBA69)

Thomas L. McGowan (BBA68)

Joseph G. Moosally (LLB60/MS64/PhD73)

Paul D. Mott (BA68/MBA74)

Robert L. Neppl (BBA69/MA81)

Anders J. Norgaard (BBA66/JD76)

David C. Ogren (BBA60)

William J. Pohlmann (BBA60)

Duane W. Pontenberg (BBA61)

Byron L. Rhodes (BBA69)

Carl A. Saunders (BBA65/JD67)

J. Bryan Schulte (BBA65/JD67)

Robert C. Shearer (BBA61/JD64)

Douglas L. Slotten (BBA69)

Richard E. Spangler (BBA62)

Peter J. Thein (MBA63)

Judd E. Truax (BBA60/JD62)

Jean A. Whiting (BBA62/MA63)



Gary L. Anson (BBA79)

Dennis W. Aubrecht (BBA79)

Bradley P. Burg (BBA73/MS71)

Thomas E. Burlingame (BBA72JD75)

Brad Condon (BBA72)

C. Douglass Couto (BBA72/MS76/MBA84)

Gregory J. Detty (BBA75)

Wendell R. Dickey (BBA71)

George T. Ellis (MBA77)

Roger W. Evans (BBA72)

Mark L. Frazier (BBA72)

Keith C. Germann (BBA76)

Robert E. Irwin (BBA79/MBA90)

Edward D. Irwin (MA71)

Ronald L. Kleppe (BBA72)

James E. Klinger (BBA74)

Lawrence J. Kopp (BBA77)

James E. Linn (BBA75)

James R. Mallon (BBA71)

Joyce A. Matson (BBA71)

Carl W. Mersereau (MBA71)

Marc C. Moeller (BBA76)

Steven A. Nath (BBA76)

David W. Nichols (BBA73)

Daniel Y. Rathjen (BBA73/JD75)

Gary J. Rolfes (BBA72)

Walter F. Schroeder (BBA72)

Gregory J. Sheriff (BBA74)

Charles R. Sorensen (BBA72/MBA73)

Michael S. Stemlar (BBA78)

Steven P. Swanson (BA73/MA76/JD76)

Donald A. Tang (BBA79)

Richard W. Vickers (BBA70/JD74)

Dwight S. Winborn (BBA78)

Thomas J. Wyckoff (BBA72)



Thomas R. Brown (MBA84)

Jeffrey P. Caswell (BBA84)

John W. Eisenbart (BBA84)

Dean W. Herr (BBA82)

Kurtis D. Koester (BBA84)

C. Mike McDonald (MA81/BA67)

Jamie L. Rowe (BBA83)

Bryan R. Samson (MBA88)

Gregory W. Schmidt (BBA86)

Jeff K. Skelton (BBA84)

Dan J. Theilen (BBA81)

Bronwyn S. Van Fossen (BBA80)



Michael F. Bender (BBA92)

Donald J. Brush (MBA90)

Jeffrey R. Davis (MBA98)

Robert J. George (BBA96)

Lora A. Shramek (BBA90)

Steven M. Wettach (MBA92/BA75/DDS79)



Thomas A. Petschke (MBA02)

Michael E. Zinkula (BBA04/JD09)



Ethan T. Astor (BBA10)