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Cover of the 2020 issue of Iowa Ledger

Virtual reality: A look back at 2020

2020 has been a year like no other. Undoubtedly, every single member of the Hawkeye family has felt the effects of COVID-19 in one way or another. 2020 time capsule.


Goodbye Jetlag: Brad Downs is bringing supersonic travel to the masses

In the early days of Groupon, Brad Downes (BBA04/MAc05) remembers the company as a "rocket ship." It is no wonder he ended up at Boom Supersonic, a company who plans to send their bespoke aircraft around the globe at Mach 2.2. Go faster.

Anibal Mares Márquez

The weight of paper: How one piece of paper from Tippie changed a life

It all started with a stack of papers piled high on a desk in Colotlán, Mexico. Young Anibal Mares Márquez (BBA20) looked at his accountant mother Carmen’s tower of work and was impressed. How did it end?

Grant Wynia

Why is Grant Wynia in the middle of the jungle?

When his brother talked Grant Wynia (BBA06/MAc07) into retracing the steps of Spanish conquistadors, the accountant had two ground rules. "Rule number one is—Grant can’t die. And rule number two is… the same as rule number one." Travel vicariously

Surf breaking on shore

$390 billion in offshore income: Welcome to the world of shadow insurance

We’ve all heard stories of offshore bank accounts, but what are offshore affiliate insurance companies? Tippie faculty member Jaron Wilde’s research explores these affiliates and why U.S. life insurance companies are using them.

Laura Newinski

Four questions for Laura Newinski

From favorite memories of Iowa City to how to follow in her footsteps— hear from KPMG’s #2.

Nicole Thorne Jenkins

Nicole Thorne Jenkins begins her tenure as the dean of the University of Virginia McIntire School of Business

Jenkins is an award-winning teacher and academic visionary who has been described by former colleagues as an “outstanding scholar,” a “transformational leader,” and “a brilliant choice” for the new top spot at McIntire. Congrats Nicole!

Dain Donelson

Welcome to the family

Meet our new faculty members Dain Donelson, Adrienne Rhodes, Michael Durney, and Claire Quinto.

2016-2019 first-time CPA exam performance

Accounting graduates CPA exam performance ranks first in Iowa, fourth in Big Ten

Iowa graduates outperformed all other public universities in 2019, ranked fourth in the Big Ten, and 13th out of 247 nationally. See detailed rankings.

Jake Schafer

Jake Schafer crushed it

When it comes to CPA exam performance, Tippie students don’t mess around. We talked with Jake Schafer (BBA19), now an associate at PwC in Los Angeles, about just how he managed to clinch an Elijah Watt Sells and Capstone Award. Impressive!

Allie Gilchrist

Calm, cool, collected

Allie Gilchrist is a Hawkeye gymnast and junior accounting student. She also has a 4.11 GPA, which has earned her a spot as a 2020 Academic All-Big Ten and a Distinguished Big Ten Scholar.  We give her a ten.

John Doyle Phillips Jr

In memoriam: John Doyle Phillips Jr.

John Phillips (PhD99) of Coventry, Conn. passed away earlier this year at the age of 61 after contracting COVID-19. About John.

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