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The Life and Legacy of Henry B. Tippie

The pride of Belle Plaine, Iowa, never forgot his roots.

He left to fight a war, attend the University of Iowa, and eventually, help build a business empire.

"The University of Iowa is where I got a foundation to build on," he once said. "I don't know if any of my success in life would have happened without that foundation."

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Tippie Dean Amy Kristof-Brown

Message from Dean Amy Kristof-Brown

By his own account, Henry B. Tippie’s time at the University of Iowa was a pivotal point in his life. Henry was one of the greatest examples I've ever seen of humility and appreciation for those who provided the foundation for his professional career. Henry took his gratitude to the next level, by turning it into opportunity for others.

The Mouse Swallowed the Lion


One of the most significant moments in Henry B. Tippie’s professional life also turned out to be a key moment in American corporate history. His role in engineering the leveraged buyout (LBO) of Orkin Extermination Company Inc., by Rollins Broadcasting would triple Rollins’ stock price within one year and make Henry a millionaire.

Tippie supported faculty in 2018

"Henry's legacy and mine are intertwined."

Henry B. Tippie Research Chair in Accounting Dan Collins (BBA68/PhD73) tells the personal story of how Henry Tippie’s investment in faculty was one that impacted generation after generation of students.

6 Tenets of Tippie’s Investing Philosophy

6 Tenets of Henry B. Tippie's Investing Philosophy

Back in 1993, Henry B. Tippie and Cedar Rapids businessman Henry Royer backed the idea of a student-managed investment fund called the Henry Fund. Over the years, Tippie helped shape the fund through everything from the construction of its charter and policy statement to subtle remarks about its ongoing management. Henry Fund Director Todd Houge shares how Tippie’s own investing philosophy might be infused into this namesake fund.


How Henry and Patricia Tippie Met

The most important partnership of Henry's life started in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Sketch of Henry B. Tippie

Henry B. Tippie's Laws

No one becomes successful without a set of rules to live by. Henry B. Tippie was no different. Many years ago, his sage business advice was codified into a list by his son, Henry B. Tippie II, and became known as Tippie's Laws.

Hawkeye Pride

“My hero.

My mentor.

My friend.”

We asked alumni to share their memories of Henry B. Tippie. You responded.

Read tributes from alumni and friends on pages 18-23.

Henry Tippie and Kirk Ferentz

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