Gear up for college with Tippie's Gateway Summer Program

Heading into your senior year in high school? Come live on a college campus for a week next summer and get a sense of what you can do with a business degree. Meet Tippie students, professors, alumni, and business professionals. And most importantly, get a head-start on the transition to college.

Summer 2024 dates:

June 23 - 28 or July 14 - 19

Get a taste of life on campus

You can read all the college brochures in the world, but there is nothing like spending a week on a college campus to give you a sense of your future community. The Gateway Summer Program does exactly that. We bring high school juniors to campus during the summer before their senior year to get a glimpse of life as a college student.

The program is free—including housing, meals, and activities—thanks to generous donations from our program sponsors. Your only expense will be travel costs to and from the program. You’ll learn about different aspects of business and participate in business simulations and case studies.

You'll also work with professors, staff, alumni, Tippie students, and business professionals, and see what you can do with a business degree. 

Join us to explore Iowa City, the University of Iowa campus, and life as a business student.


Participation is by application only. The program is open to all, and underrepresented populations in business are encouraged to apply.

Application questions? Contact

Application timeline and considerations

  • Applications are reviewed in April.
  • Students will be notified by email.
  • An essay of 300-500 words and high school GPA will be factors in the selection process.

Meet your support network

Gabriela Rivera

Gabriela Rivera

Associate Director, Engagement and Belonging

Monica Hughes

Monica Hughes

Assistant Director, High School Outreach and Engagement

Justine Retz

Justine Retz

Administrative Services Coordinator

Gateway Program Sponsors

Thank you for generous donations from PricewaterhouseCoopers and John Deere!

Gateway participants

College experience


"I got a feel for what college is like, I made a great group of new friends, and got to learn from so many interesting people."

Gateway presentation



"I had so much fun learning new things about myself and about business. Now I feel more confident as I start making college decisions."

Three Summer Gateway Students

Learning about business


"I really didn't know much about business. I learned that I really like business and plan to study it when I go to Iowa next year."

Support the Gateway Summer Program

The Tippie Gateway Summer Program is delivered at no cost to our participants and relies on the support of generous donors to continue. Donations go toward summer costs but also scholarships and grants for students to have access to more opportunities during their four years at Tippie including internships, mentoring, study abroad, and research, to name a few.

For many students, Gateway has been life-changing in their decision-making processes around going to college and ultimately, their comfort in choosing a major and career in business.

Consider supporting the Gateway Summer Program with your financial gift.

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