Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Each year the Tippie College of Business recognizes its faculty and staff with collegiate awards for excellence in teaching, research, and service. The 2021 award winners were announced in a virtual ceremony. The awards, criteria and recipients are listed below.

Faculty and Staff Awards

Colleen Downie Graduate Management Programs Award

This award is given to a faculty or staff member who makes a recognized, substantial contribution toward enhancing the excellence of the Tippie Graduate Management Programs.

2021 Winner: Jan Fasse

Tippie Diversity & Inclusion Award

This new award recognizes Tippie faculty and staff as well as programs, departments, and centers engaged in diversity initiatives during the previous academic year that have promoted the development of an inclusive, diverse community in the college.

2021 Winner: Ken Brown

Faculty Awards

Early Career Faculty Research Award

This award recognizes tenure-track assistant professors that are not currently being evaluated for tenure based on past research excellence and future research promise.

2021 Winner: Andrea Luangrath

Gardner Award for Mid-Career Research Excellence

This award recognizes associate professors with two years of outstanding research productivity and impact.

2021 Winner: Eean Crawford

Senior Faculty Research Award

This award recognizes full professors and based on excellence in theoretical or applied research.

2021 Winner: Amy Colbert

Charles A. Taff Research Excellence Award

This award recognizes a distinguished research record in one or more of the following areas: economics, logistics, transportation and distribution, computer science and information systems.

2021 Winner: Rabah Amir

Collegiate Teaching Award

This award recognizes excellence in teaching.

2021 Winner in the Instructional Track/Adjunct category: Erin Johnson

2021 Winner in the Tenure-track category: Richard Peter

Graduate Assistant Teaching Awards

Each year two awards are given for the Best Overall Master’s

2021 Teaching Assistant Award Winners: Prerna Agarwal and Darren Page

Innovation in Teaching Award

This award is open to anyone who teaches Tippie students and focuses on an instructor’s use of a particular teaching practice, activity or technique that advances Tippie’s strategic priorities.

2021 Winners: Erin Johnson and Carl Follmer/Jaron Wilde

Distinguished Mentor Award

This award recognizes a faculty member who has provided excellent research guidance, general assistance to graduate students, had an impact on students individually and as a group, and/or assisted students in preparation for career decision making and advancement.

2021 Winner: Amy Colbert

Outstanding Service Contribution by a Faculty Member Award

This award recognizes outstanding service contribution by a tenure- or non-tenure-track faculty member.

2021 Winner: Michele Williams and Nancy Abram

Elected Staff Council Awards

Edith Ennis Award

The Edith Ennis Award is based on the following criteria: a selfless commitment to the college, its constituents, and its mission; accessibility; optimism and cheerfulness; and teaching/service effectiveness.

2021 Winner: Rick Adrian

Elected Staff Council New Staff Impact Award

This award recognizes a new staff member who has made significant contributions to the Tippie College of Business during his or her service and gone above and beyond during his or her limited time in the college. The individual should also show potential for further contributions to the college.

2021 Winners: Joelle Brown and Allison Yoder Hershberger

Elected Staff Council Outstanding Staff Contribution Award

This award recognizes someone who demonstrates one or all of the following areas related to the college’s goals, mission, and values. Namely, Integrity: demonstrates strong ethics with an air of humility; Innovation: Develops fresh initiatives, new approaches, or process/task improvements that lead to efficiency or effectiveness; Impact: Leaves a lasting influence on the students, faculty, and staff of the Tippie community, going above and beyond the call of duty.

2021 Winners: Nikki Lichthardt and Christine Maguire

Elected Staff Council Outstanding Team Contribution Award

This award mirrors the Outstanding Staff Contribution Award but is intended to recognize a team or group of Tippie staff who worked together to impact the college in a positive way, to further its mission, vision, goals, and/or strategic plan.

2021 Winners: Graduate Management Programs Academics Team: Valerie Glanz, Michelle Emmel, and Lisa Meaney

Elected Staff Council Pandemic Hero Award

This award recognizes a staff member whose contributions between March 2020 and now have supported one or more Tippie College of Business colleagues—within their team/unit, outside their team/unit, or college-wide. The hero’s efforts can be small or large, but their impact on others is what’s important for this award. You’ll know you have a great candidate if their efforts made the lives of others easier during the pandemic.

2021 Winners: Joe Gumpper and Rick Adrian