A proud legacy

The University of Iowa was the first public university in the country to admit men and women on an equal basis. We were the first university to establish a program for the rehabilitation of students with disabilities. We were the first public university to recognize and support an LGBT student organization and to offer benefits to the domestic partners of employees. We were the first public university to play an African-American student on its varsity squad and one of the very first universities in the country to have a black student graduate from its law school.

And our work is just beginning.

The Tippie College of Business draws from the university’s rich history in its embrace of diversity and inclusion. We are a business school and the reality is American board rooms today do not represent the broader makeup of society. We see ourselves as playing a role in closing this gap. We do this by investing in programs that attract and support students with diverse backgrounds to study business, and setting them up for success after graduation.

Tippie Gateway Program

Tippie’s Gateway Program is a free, on-campus experience designed to increase understanding of business majors among high school juniors from diverse backgrounds. Students get to experience campus life at a Big Ten institution, discover career opportunities, and participate in interactive simulations, case studies, and company visits. Most importantly, they walk away with a clear understanding of what they need to do during their senior year to prepare for college, which classes to take, how to prioritize, and where to search for scholarships.

We stay in touch with Gateway Program participants through their senior year in high school—through the application process, financial aid, and scholarship applications—and provide help with common questions as they prepare to make their final college decisions.

More on the Gateway Program

Iowa MBA Women’s Leadership Program

Despite all of the media attention to women’s compensation and presence in the board rooms of American companies, the progress feels too slow. And for full-time MBA programs that are supposed to educate tomorrow’s leaders, it can be argued the outlook is dimmer.

We want to attract more women to study business at the graduate level and provide them the mentorship, resources, and connections to pave the way for future leadership positions. The Iowa MBA Women’s Leadership Program does exactly that.

Thanks to generous donations from Kathleen Dore and Henry Tippie, the program helps attract talented female applicants from around the country to the Iowa Full-time MBA Program. We provide workshops, mentoring, connections, and scholarships with the purpose of developing the next generation of female business leaders.

Women's Leadership Program

BizEdge Mentoring

Tippie's BizEdge Mentoring Program helps students of color and first-generation undergraduate business students support and empower each other. In BizEdge you'll:

  • build community
  • present yourself professionally
  • network with alumni and employers
  • excel in the classroom
  • more

More about BizEdge

Iowa Edge

The Iowa Edge is a campus-level program for selected African-American, Alaskan Native, American Indian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, Latino/a, and first-generation college students. It is designed to ease the transition to the University of Iowa by developing a sense of community and connecting students to faculty, staff, current students, and resources on campus.

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