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Research: Accounting

Disclosure readability and the sensitivity of investors’ valuation judgments to outside information
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The effects of out-of-regime guidance on auditor judgments about appropriate application of accounting standards
Contemporary Accounting Review, December, 2016
The Effect of Financial Constraints on Tax-Motivated Income Shifting by U.S. Multinationals
The Accounting Review, September, 2016
Transparency, Corporate Governance and Firm Performance in The Netherlands
Maandblad voor Accountancy en Bedrijfseconomie , August, 2016
Explaining Rules-Based Characteristics in U.S. GAAP: Theories and Evidence
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Forecasting Taxes: New Evidence from Analysts
The Accounting Review, April, 2016
Public Pressure and Corporate Tax Behavior
Journal of Accounting Research, vol. 54, 147-185, March, 2016
A Comparison of the Tax-Motivated Income Shifting of Multinationals in Territorial and Worldwide Countries
Contemporary Accounting Research, vol. doi: 10.1111/1911-3846.12148, December, 2015
Risk Consequences of Tax-motivated Choice of Organizational Form in the Banking Industry
National Tax Journal, vol. 68, 999-1024, December, 2015
Partisan Politics and Political Prospects: Evidence from the Iowa Electronic Markets
PS: Political Science & Politics, vol. 48, 573-578, October, 2015