University of Iowa MAc program rankings

We’re proud of our MAc program’s long-standing reputation as #1 in Iowa and one of the best in the country. Here’s how Tippie’s MAc stacks up in the latest rankings.

Public Accounting Report (2019) #1 in Iowa
#27 in U.S.
TaxTalent (2017-2018) #16 (tie) Best Overall MAc Program in U.S.
TaxTalent (2017-2018) #14 (tie) Best MAc Program in Tax in U.S.

Master of Accounting (MAc) rankings

Accountants know as well as anyone—the devil’s in the details.

With many publications and methodologies to look at, where do you go for reliable information on accounting master’s programs? We’ve unpacked some of the most popular and decoded the fine print so you can make an informed decision.

Public Accounting Report

Probably the most-cited ranking by MAc programs, the Public Accounting Report ranking is based on an annual survey of professors of accounting at U.S. colleges and universities offering at least one accounting degree. Respondents rank the top undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral accounting programs in the Public Accounting Report’s Annual Professors Survey. For the 2019 ranking, nearly 1,000 eligible accounting professors from approximately 200 U.S. colleges and universities participated.

TaxTalent’s Top in Tax ranking

This annual survey provides tax employers the opportunity to vote for the best U.S. undergraduate, graduate, and legal programs from their perspective. Those surveyed are asked to choose up to five schools that they hold in highest regard when hiring candidates. Both undergraduate and graduate programs are ranked. The standard MAc and the MAc with taxation specialization are ranked separately in TaxTalent’s ranking.