Immerse yourself in business analytics.

Study business analytics full time at Tippie College of Business.

Businesses are creating and storing more data than ever before—according to IBM, 2.5 quintillion bytes per day. In fact, 90% of all data that exists today was created in the last two years. Businesses are swimming in data, but lack the talent and expertise to use it effectively to make decisions, reveal insights, and make predictions. Business analytics experts are changing that. And Tippie's full-time Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program puts students on the leading edge of a burgeoning industry hungry for top notch talent.  

Develop in-demand skills

Learn the skills and techniques to turn raw data into actionable insights. Descriptive and diagnostic analytics are just starting points in our full-time business analytics program. We'll develop skills to make you a decision-maker and data scientist adept at using predictive and prescriptive analytics to solve business problems.

Work with world-class faculty

Whether it's developing algorithms to predict criminal behavior in metro areas or modeling effective logistics in the wake of a catastrophe, our business analytics faculty are on the cutting edge of the discipline. As a graduate student studying business analytics, you'll work closely with some of the leading researchers in the field

Become the new star hire

Nothing speaks louder to employers than real-world experience. A full-time summer internship in analytics can lift your resume to the top of the stack. Tap the solid expertise and connections of our Career Management Center in your internship search and in starting your analytics career.


Video: Iowa's Master's in Business Analytics

Check out this quick 15-minute video, where we explain why Tippie's MSBA puts you on the leading edge of a high-demand career and answer common questions from prospective students.

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A STEM-designated master's program in business analytics

The full-time MS in Business Analytics at Tippie is designated as a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) academic program by the Department of Homeland Security. This designation opens doors to STEM-specific scholarships, grants, financial assistance, and employment opportunities for students and graduates.

For international students, STEM designation means additional opportunities to stay and work in the US—up to three years after graduation—under the STEM OPT program.

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100 percent

May 2021 grads employed

within 6 months of graduation
Award Winner

Informs 2021 UPS George D. Smith Prize for Business Analytics

Average starting salary for Master's in Business Analytics graduates

Average starting salary

among May 2021 graduates
Alumni Story
Sayo Taiwo

Pivot from skeptic to specialist

Some say Sayo Taiwo is a skeptic. In fact, a personality test confirmed just that. But in Iowa’s Master of Business Analytics program, Sayo discovered that asking questions and seeking verifiable information is exactly what makes a great data analyst.

While working at a tech startup in Nigeria, Sayo struggled to find a way to interpret and manage the data the company was collecting. He decided to pursue an advanced degree to get the skills he needed.

“I didn’t feel like the problem was something I could address with a brief online course. So my motivation became finding a program that would help me fill the gaps between business and data."

While researching MBA programs online, he discovered Tippie’s full-time Master of Business Analytics program and knew he’d found his perfect fit. Through internship and group projects, he’s getting more comfortable with the data by the day, and learning the true business value of being skeptical by nature.

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