Be part of a world-class Master of Finance program

An opportunity to learn from the best

Some of the greatest finance minds teach at Tippie. The same faculty that earned Tippie a #1 Best in Finance ranking from Financial Times in 2016 built a master’s program designed to prepare top students with the expertise that catapults careers. If you have a history of academic excellence and an interest in studying Finance with the best, learn why Tippie is the place for you.

Gain real-world experiences that get you noticed

Our program is rich with the types of real-world experiences that stand out and move a resume to the top of the stack. Instead of merely listing coursework and a degree, your resume can include professional work experiences like managing an $11 million equity portfolio, consulting for national and international financial institutions, or launching a fixed income fund.

Quant Whiz meets Masterful Communicator

Finance jobs are changing. Those who embrace algorithms and can effectively communicate complex ideas are prevailing. Tippie’s Master of Finance program is a 16 month investment that provides the immersive experiences in modeling, financial analysis, and data storytelling the next generation of finance thinkers will use to lead in a changing world.


Upcoming Event: Spring One and Done

Friday, April 3, 2020 – 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

University of Iowa main campus, Iowa City, Iowa

Get an admission decision in just one business day, with perks just for One and Done attendees: we’ll waive the letter of recommendation, essay, and application fee. The day-long event includes opportunities to:

  • Complete your admission interview on-site
  • Sit in on a presentation about what you can expect in the program
  • Get together with current and admitted students, staff, and faculty at Vue Rooftop lounge

You must meet our minimum admission requirements to participate.

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New: GMAT/GRE optional

Effective immediately, a standardized test score (GMAT or GRE) is no longer required to apply to the Tippie Master of Finance Program. See the application checklist.

Video: Iowa's Master's in Finance Program

You have choices for your master's degree in finance. We think the Tippie College of Business MFIN program is worthy of your shortlist. Check out this video of a recent webinar, where we explain why Tippie belongs at the top of your consideration set.

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Open doors with a STEM-designated program

Tippie's Master of Finance program is a designated STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) academic program. This designation opens doors to STEM-specific scholarships, grants, financial assistance, and employment opportunities for students and graduates.

For international students, STEM designation means additional opportunities to stay and work in the US—up to three years after graduation—under the STEM OPT program.

Big data. Big finance. Big opportunity.

What can you do with a finance master's degree? In short, a lot.

Let’s start with the jobs you’d expect to see: financial analyst, risk analyst, insurance, and investment management. As ‘big data’ takes center-stage in finance, the skills acquired in this program will set you up for next generation analyst roles that tackle big finance questions with big data. Think financial modeling in the banking sector, data science in finance, and advanced risk assessment in the global enterprise.

Plus, Master of Finance degree holders are in high demand. That’s why the 2017 Corporate Recruiters Survey from the Graduate Management Admissions Council found that 48 percent of employers plan to hire Master of Finance graduates in 2017. 

Real-world experiences

Henry Fund

The Henry Fund is Tippie’s endowed equity portfolio, and will be managed by our Master of Finance students. Currently valued at over $11 million, it has outperformed the S&P 500 since its inception in 1994. Working on the Henry Fund will catapult your research skills, valuation ability, confidence, and comfort in high-pressure presentations.

Consulting projects

Theory teaches you how to think, but putting it into practice gives you the experience to land your dream job. Tippie students have a long history of consulting for real finance clients including Fortune 100 financial services firms, retirement funds, and major banks. We’re bringing these opportunities to you in our new Master of Finance Program.

What we're working on…

For starters, we're developing a student-managed fixed income fund—the first of its kind in any Master of Finance program—to provide you with hands-on expertise and an opportunity to apply classroom learning to real-world projects. You'll also have opportunities to engage in research alongside leading professors at Tippie. And an optional thesis track will support you as you pursue and publish your own research. 

Learn to tell your story

The quant skills you’ll gain in this program will give you an edge in the job market. But finance is more than crunching numbers—what’ll make you indispensable for top employers is the ability to effectively communicate and visualize your analysis.

The University of Iowa is world-renowned for its writing program, the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and some 40 Pulitzer prize-winning faculty and alumni. If there's one place where finance fundamentals and writing expertise come together, this is it.

In fact, we’ve hard-coded business communication into the Master of Finance curriculum—so you can pivot from number cruncher to decision maker.

Alumni Story
Sukriti Nayar

“Oral and written communication is extremely important. It goes a long way in demonstrating your professionalism and professional competency.”

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