Current PhD students in management

Currently, there are 15 students enrolled in the PhD program. They hail from places like Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, Utah, New Jersey, New York, and China. Some have families and are attracted to Iowa City as a great place to raise children or for their spouse to pursue higher education.

For a detailed list of job-market candidates, please visit departmental pages.

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Barrett, Robert W317 PBB 319-355-1504
Li, Christina W349 PBB 319-335-1814
Liao, Huiyao (Leo) W317 PBB 319-335-1504
Mecham, Bradley W217 PBB 319-335-0989
Montanye, Michael W321 PBB 319-335-1809
Nielsen, Jordan W321 PBB 319-335-1809
Ptashnik, Thomas W349 PBB 319-335-1814
Ryu, Seung Whan W349 PBB 319-335-1814
Wu, I-Heng (Ray) W321 PBB 319-335-1809
Yuan, Zhenyu W217 PBB 319-335-0989
Zhang, Qi W349 PBB 319-335-1814

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