Influence. Motivate. Lead.

If you still think leadership is about motivational speeches or pop-culture books, think again.

At Tippie, you’ll learn evidence-based leadership. Modern-day leadership is about facilitating change, maximizing your team’s performance, influencing others, and managing conflict. And that’s precisely what this certificate covers.

The Leadership Certificate is made up of five MBA-level courses—some of the most popular topics taught at the Tippie College of Business. Credits you earn can count toward the Iowa MBA through the Professional MBA Program.

At a glance

Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Quad Cities

Complete five courses (two required courses + three electives)

Predominantly 11-week courses, meeting one night a week 6:00 p.m. to 9:40 p.m., no Fridays. Other format possibilities: online, weekend (4 weeks), double weeknights (5 weeks), and weekdays (5 days total).

Time to complete
As little as 18 months

$9,975 (Five courses at $1,995 each)

No entrance exam required. See details.

Leadership Certificate courses

Required courses

  • Leadership and Personal Development—MGMT:9120
  • Management and Organizations—MBA:8120

Elective courses (select three)

  • Business Communication—MBA:8130
  • Global Business Management—MBA:9290
  • Influence and Constructive Persuasion—MGMT:9090
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability—MGMT:9091
  • Effective Managerial Communication—MGMT:9092
  • Dynamics of Negotiations—MGMT:9110
  • Law and Ethics—MGMT:9210
  • Strategic Management of Change—MGMT:9130 (Prerequisite: MBA:8120)
  • Maximizing Team Performance—MGMT:9220
  • Managing and Preventing Conflict—MGMT:9230
  • Managing Employee Performance—MGMT:9250 (Prerequisite: MBA:8120)
  • Strategic Employee Development—MGMT:9260 
  • Human Resource Management—MGMT:9270 


You can start the Leadership Certificate in any semester. No business prerequisites are needed, and there's no entrance exam. See application deadlines and minimum requirements on the Admission page.

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