It’s time to show off what you can do with data

Add in-demand skills that will take your career to new heights with a specialization in business analytics. Learn how to interpret, model, and manage data—and to present your findings to leadership. 

An Iowa MBA in Business Analytics helps you develop the ability to solve complex business problems, drive growth strategies, and predict future industry trends using data.

To add a business analytics concentration to your Iowa MBA, complete five analytics courses. 

There’s no extra cost or extra time required—and you’ll graduate with an MBA plus a certificate in one of the hottest fields in business.

What kind of classes are you looking for?
“One of the things that it’s really helped me with is being able to communicate with senior business leaders.”

Concentration curriculum

The following courses are required to earn your concentration. Courses are subject to change.

Required courses:

  • Data and Decisions
  • Data Management
  • Data Programming in Python
  • Data Science
  • Advanced Analytics


See detailed course information.

Certificate-only option

You can earn the Business Analytics Certificate as a stand-alone credential outside of the Iowa MBA program. To get started, you must submit a separate application. You’ll need to take the same five required courses to complete your Business Analytics Certificate.

The certificate's five courses are also all required for the master’s degree in business analytics. If you decide to take the leap to the master’s program, you’ll have a healthy head start, with half the credits already under your belt and no time lost. You can also count your courses toward the Iowa MBA should you ever decide to pursue it. You’ll already be a third of the way through!

See Admissions Requirements

University fees

Business Analytics Certificate students pay one university fee, a one-time Records and Documents fee. University of Iowa graduates who earned a degree prior to Fall 2016 get to skip this fee. If you begin with the certificate and later enroll in the master's, you'll pay only one records fee.