Where do you fit in the world of finance?

From tackling corporate budgets and investments, to managing wealth portfolios, to mitigating insurance risks, Tippie's six certificate options prepare you to work in whatever area of finance interests you. Taught by our award-winning faculty, most certificate courses can be applied toward the Iowa MBA, or can be completed as a stand-alone credential.

Finance Certificate

The four-course program covers financial management principles, corporate investment and financing decisions, risk management theories, wealth management, and more.

Corporate Finance Certificate

We designed this certificate for you to gain the skills needed for financial planning, budgeting, project management, and plant management.

Financial Decision Making Certificate

Through MBA-level courses, you'll learn to read financial reports, articulate reasoned financial decisions, analyze financial statements, make forecasts, and evaluate new business ventures.

Investment Management Certificate

The four-course program covers financial management principles, portfolio management, real estate finance and investments, wealth management, and more.

Responsible Resource Management Certificate

You'll learn where to apply responsible resource management, how to evaluate and optimize resources, how to manage processes responsibly, and more—all within a framework of socially responsible management practices.

Risk Management & Insurance Certificate

You'll gain an understanding of the unique landscape of insurance along with the ability to make strategic recommendations that will help your company avoid undue risk.