Add some “oomph” to your Iowa MBA

If you can personalize your socks, you surely should be able to personalize your degree, right? The Iowa MBA offers six concentrations so you can make sure your education fits neatly into your career plans.

Concentrations you complete will show up on your transcript as “certificates.” With a little bit of planning, you can graduate with two credentials without added time or expense: an MBA and a certificate.

There is no separate application. Once you’re admitted, you’ll work with your advisor to weave the necessary courses into your plan of study.

MBA + Business Analytics

Make your degree work doubly hard for you. Top off your MBA with data science and analytics skills that are hotter than the latest TikTok challenge. Take classes from Tippie's world-renowned business analytics faculty and earn the Business Analytics Certificate alongside your MBA.

MBA + Leadership

Our most popular courses aren't about numbers; they're about people. Maximizing team performance, managing change, negotiating, influencing, and persuasion. Boost your confidence with these skills in classes taught by some of the leading leadership experts in the country. 

MBA + Finance

Iowa may be a bit of a drive from Wall Street, but simply put, the Tippie College of Business is a finance powerhouse. In fact, U.S. News & World Report ranked the Iowa MBA #15 nationally among “Best Online Finance MBA Programs” in 2022. Tap into that expertise and add a Finance Certificate to your MBA study plan.

MBA + Marketing

Specialize in a rapidly evolving field where old methods and new tech collide. Start with proven fundamentals: brand management, market research, pricing. Next, layer in the newest tools: social media marketing, digital marketing, and analytics. Five marketing courses embedded in your MBA earn you a highly marketable Marketing Certificate.

MBA + Healthcare Management

Learn the leadership qualities and skills that healthcare organizations need by earning your MBA plus a Healthcare Management Certificate. This certificate combines the strengths of Iowa's top-ranked MBA with the University of Iowa's highly ranked healthcare administration program. Healthcare Management courses are taught in person in Iowa City or Des Moines, Iowa.

MBA + Innovation

Add an emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation to your MBA and start pushing your ideas forward. Earn the Innovation Certificate in just five courses—three core plus two electives. It's a credential that demonstrates initiative, outside-the-box thinking, and adaptability.

“The marketing certificate is something that backs up my MBA with a focus on a career path that I wanted to pursue.”