Outlook: Bright with a strong chance of positive ROI.

Graduating with a Master of Finance degree means you'll be entering the finance workplace at a time when specialization commands a premium that undergraduates alone can't match. In fact, 48% of recruiters report plans to hire master of finance grads, up from 45% in 2016. Hiring outlook among Fortune Global 100 firms is even brighter, with 94% of firms planning to hire people with finance master's.

With base salaries averaging 33% higher than for those with bachelor's degrees alone, master of finance grads realize rapid ROI in the U.S. (GMAC Corporate Recruiters Survey, 2017).

Invest in an option-rich future

A Master of Finance degree opens doors, accelerates careers, and equips you with the skills you need to pursue the profession you want. Master of Finance graduates frequently enjoy rewarding work in the following positions and industries:

  • Asset management
  • Business development
  • Commercial banking
  • Consulting
  • Corporate finance
  • Country risk analyst
  • Credit rating analyst
  • Financial advisor
  • Financial analyst
  • Financial manager
  • Financial planner
  • Financial regulation
  • Financial reporting
  • Investment banking
  • Investment planning
  • Investment research
  • Investor relations
  • Money management
  • Private wealth management
  • Real estate
  • Risk management
  • Trading
  • Treasury and cash management
  • Underwriting
  • Venture capital and private equity

Get expert guidance

Your Master of Finance degree will change the trajectory of your career. And when it comes to shaping your career choices, we have expert guidance to guide you in your journey.

Tippie’s Career Management Center has expert professionals who provide comprehensive career coaching and guidance throughout your job search process. We’ll even help you establish career plans and hone your job search skills. As a master's student in Finance, you’ll get individualized support for your job and internship searches, interview prep, mock interviews, salary negotiation guidance, and more. We’ll also help you build relationships with alumni and employers whose careers intersect your areas of interest.

Build a resume with real experience

Whether it's publishing your research reports while working on the student-run funds or consulting for a company, the work you'll do during the Master of Finance program will be a part of your employment toolkit. For years, Tippie's student analysts have used their research reports - published on the Henry Fund website - to prove their valuation chops to their employers and get a leg up in the job search process.

Black-and-gold opens doors around the world

As a Tippie graduate with a Master of Finance degree, you'll be a part of the robust Tippie alumni network spanning over 50,000 business professionals and influencers around the world. And this is just one part of the greater University of Iowa community of 270,000+ alumni.

With many regional and city-specific events to attend and connections in the top firms around the world, you'll have the opportunity to connect and cultivate your own professional network anywhere your career takes you.