Finance consulting at Tippie

Learn new ways to solve some of the most pressing challenges faced by business today while working as a finance consultant at Tippie College of Business.

Whether it’s making capital budgeting decisions, evaluating corporate structure, or bringing new technologies to market, businesses need finance expertise to grow and flourish. And increasingly, they turn to Tippie’s finance consulting for help.

Go beyond the classroom as a finance consultant

When you enroll in Applied Financial Analysis, one of the Master of Finance Program’s experiential electives, you’ll experience a semester working as a consultant on an actual finance problem for a real business.

During this sixteen-week project, you'll go beyond the classroom to work closely with your client. This is your chance to put theory into practice and create value for a real business.

Finance consulting adds to your leadership skills and gives you a leg up when you enter the job market.

Build your reputation as a consultant

Your GPA matters, but few things speak to your capabilities more so than a history of delivering actual results that impact the bottom line. Whether it’s standing out in a stack of resumes or distinguishing yourself in an interview, your ability to showcase consulting successes can mean the difference between seeking employment and being sought after.

A distinguished history of finance consulting

Finance consulting at Tippie has its roots in the Iowa MBA, historically ranked as one of the top 10 finance MBAs globally. As Tippie builds the next generation of graduate programs in finance, our Master of Finance students have taken up this mantle. This means you’ll connect with and build on a rich history of finance consulting for some of the top brands across the globe such as:

  • Principal Global Investors
  • IDX
  • The University of Iowa
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • HNI
  • US Bank
  • Aegon
  • John Deere Financial
  • Summit Agricultural Group
  • Pearson
  • SourceMedia
  • Allsteel