Graduate with a Master of Science in Business Analytics degree in addition to your BBA, BA, or BS degree

There are few better ways to launch a career in business analytics than with a Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) degree from Tippie College of Business. And if you're already an undergraduate student studying at Iowa, there is no smarter way of earning your MSBA than with our Undergraduate to Graduate (U2G) Business Analytics master's program. 

Save time

You'll count 14 credit hours of coursework towards both your graduate and undergraduate degrees. This can knock a semester off your program, or free up time for you to focus your studies and develop deeper specialization in business analytics.

Save money

You'll save by paying the undergraduate tuition rate for the 14 hours of graduate coursework you'll complete in your final undergraduate year.   

Get ahead

You won't put your career on hold to come back for your business analytics master's degree. Instead, you'll start your career with a respected degree that already sets you far ahead of peers who hit the job market with only their undergraduate degrees. 


Start now

Interested in the enrolling in the U2G Master of Science in Business Analytics program?  Review the program information on this page and contact your advisor for details about how to get started.


Apply during your junior year. 80 s.h. of undergraduate work must be completed by the end of the semester of application, including at least 30 s.h. from the University of Iowa.

Admission requirements
GPA:  At least a 3.25 GPA both overall and in University of Iowa classes. Must be currently enrolled in UI classes. The GMAT/GRE is waived.

You’ll pay the undergraduate tuition rate in the U2G year and then one year of master’s tuition.

Credit hours required
39 s.h. total

Program structure and plan of study

When enrolled in the U2G program, 14 semester hours of graduate coursework will be completed in your final undergraduate year that will count toward both your undergraduate and your business analytics master's degree. The remaining hours for your Master of Science of Business Analytics degree will be taken the following year.

Plan of study

Eligible undergraduate majors

Tippie College of Business

  • Accounting (BBA)
  • Business Analytics and Information Science (BBA)
  • Economics (BBA)
  • Finance (BBA)
  • Marketing (BBA)
  • Management (BBA)

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Actuarial Science (BS)
  • Applied Physics (BS)
  • Biology (BA, BS)
  • Chemistry (BA, BS)
  • Computer Science (BA, BS)
  • Criminology, Law and Justice (BA, BS)
  • Data Science (BS)
  • Economics (BA, BS)
  • English (BA)
  • English and Creative Writing (BA)
  • Enterprise Leadership (BA)
  • Ethics and Public Policy (BA)
  • History (BA)
  • Informatics (BA, BS)
  • Interdepartmental Studies (BA)
  • Journalism and Mass Communication (BA)
  • Linguistics (BA)
  • Mathematics (BA, BS)
  • Physics - (BA, BS)
  • Political Science (BA, BS)
  • Psychology (BA, BS)
  • Sociology (BA, BS)
  • Statistics (BS)