Build a home, build our community

Partnering with the Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity, we’re strengthening the Iowa City and Tippie communities one Tippie Build at a time. And now it’s official—we have broken ground for Tippie Build 9. We’re working to raise $50,000 to finish this house and make it a home.

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Interested in helping us (literally) lay the foundation for Tippie Build 9? Volunteer your time through the Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity website—just make you sure you check that you're signing up for Tippie Build. And keep in mind that you don’t have to be an expert to help us out. We’ll teach you everything you need to know as you go.

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Tippie Build truly is a community effort. Countless helping hands contribute to our success. Just to give you an idea of where our money is going:

  • $10 buys a box of nails
  • $25 frames a window
  • $50 buys an interior door
  • $100 paints a room
  • $500 builds a sidewalk

Get the idea? Your contribution goes straight to these types of resources that go directly into building a home.

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Tippie College of Business

Tippie Build 9

Our first Tippie Build was complete in 2007. It was the largest community service project in the history of Tippie and the start of a tradition. To date, Tippie students have raised more than $400,000 for Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity and provided most of the labor for (soon-to-be) nine Habitat homes.

Our ninth home is going to a very special family of four. More than a decade ago, Lamia Khowessah left the ancient city of Alexandria, Egypt, to seek employment opportunities and education in the United States. Iowa City became her home, but Lamia was frustrated with all of the money wasted by renting an apartment and supporting her three sons. Living on a very busy street, without a yard, and sharing walls with neighbors on both sides has been stressful for the family. After hearing about Habitat for Humanity, Lamia applied and was accepted to build her home and provide the living space that her boys need to thrive. Once Tippie Build 9 is complete, Lamia and her family will move into their new home.