Knowledge creation with a transformative impact on business 

As a Carnegie R1 research institution and a member of Association of American Universities (AAU), the University of Iowa is among the world’s leading research universities. The Tippie College of Business is part of this rich research ecosystem, with a proud legacy of thought leadership and research that transforms practice.  

From  Erik Lie, named a Time 100: Most Influential People in the World  for his ground-breaking research on options backdating, to  Ann Campbell, an international thought leader in transportation logistics, to Greg Stewart, an authority on team design and characteristics that impact performance—Tippie faculty are making research discoveries with both academic and practical applications across its  six academic departments.

Areas of research expertise

The strength of our faculty research lies in the wide range of topics we explore and the depth and applicability of our findings. Discover our areas of interest and where we’re making our mark on the global business landscape.

Additional areas of focus:

Featured research initiatives

Tippie is home to groups of researchers whose interests are aligned around some of the most salient issues of our time, including healthcarewomen in business, futures markets, social responsibility, and sustainability.  

Social Responsibility Collaboratory 

A group of Tippie researchers organized around the broad topic of social responsibility and sustainability, and connecting their work to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Behavioral Research Seminar

The behavioral research seminar is a low-pressure, friendly setting for Tippie researchers to share ideas and seek suggestions. The seminar meets over the lunch hour on a biweekly or monthly basis.  

Research labs

Tippie provides facilities for faculty to collaborate on research initiatives, conduct experiments, and use advanced technology to further their findings. 

DEI Ambassadors
Tippie Behavioral Research Facilities

Researchers across the Tippie College of Business conduct human behavior research in areas of marketing, experimental economics, teamwork, and decision science. The Tippie Behavioral Research Facilities includes a large 30-person room with flexible arrangement options, a subject welcome area and three small group rooms. Researchers conduct experiments using Tobii X2-60 and Mirametrix s2 eye tracker technology, Oculus rift virtual reality, as well as computer and paper-based studies. Get in touch with the lab to learn more. 

AI Lab
Artificial Intelligence Lab

Through a partnership with the Iowa Initiative for Artificial Intelligence, Tippie maintains an AI Lab, currently housed in room S220 PBB. The lab contains four high-performance workstations configured to enable development of deep learning AI solutions, and to be compatible with the university's High Performance Computing cluster. The lab is open to students from all departments. Visit the Iowa Initiative for Artificial Intelligence to learn more about the machine specifications and how to start using the lab. 

Faculty Story
Richard Peter

Researching risks

Assistant professor Richard Peter not only enjoys taking risks—like moving from Germany to teach at Tippie—he loves researching them. 

"Risk is kind of an abstract concept. However, everyone faces risk, retirement risk, labor income risk, health risks, etc," says Peter. "I find this all very interesting and exciting to think about."

His research focuses on insurance markets, and thanks to techno-fueled information boom, the insurance landscape has changed in a big way. He's here to find out how it all comes together.

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