Graduate certificate in business analytics

It’s time to show off what you can do with data.

Build in-demand skills that will take your career to new heights—or pivot in a new direction. You can add the Business Analytics Certificate to your resume in as little as one year. Can be completed fully online, fully in person in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines, or in a mix of both online and in-person courses.

The certificate's five courses are all required for the master’s degree in business analytics. So when you’re ready to make the leap to the master’s program, you’ll have a healthy head start, with half the credits already under your belt and no time lost.

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Student Story
Stephen Carr

Pivot from manager to change agent

When Stephen Carr began a Business Analytics Certificate at Tippie College of Business, he had just earned a top spot as a manager for marketing operations and analytics at a giant web hosting company. Then he wanted to grow his hard data skills.

At Tippie, he’s collaborated with classmates on big data projects that transformed his value at work, gaining knowledge to do things in his job that no one had done before.

Two promotions later, as a business intelligence manager with online tax prep company TaxAct, he’s embedded machine learning languages in his team’s work so that they can pinpoint quickly where customers get frustrated in the tax interview process and drop off.

“Once I understood the data set, very quickly I was able to do a deep drop-off analysis that the company had never been able to do before,” Stephen said. “Those were all pieces that I learned at Tippie.”

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What you'll study

Certificate courses are designed to give you great fundamentals. They work well as a stand-alone or as a gateway to the master's program. Five courses cover subjects from data science to data programming and advanced analytics.

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Applying to the program

You'll need to fill out the Business Analytics Certificate Application. Start by gathering the documents you need—your resume, transcripts, and a few other things. No GRE/GMAT required. See the complete application checklist in the Admission section.

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Business Analytics Certificate + Iowa MBA

Have your cake and eat it too. All your analytics coursework—five courses—can be counted toward your MBA through the Iowa MBA Program. That gets you a third of the way through Iowa's #1 part-time MBA. And gives you a resume that would be hard to pass up for any employer. Start by getting admitted to the Iowa MBA Program; visit the website to see admissions requirements.

Already an Iowa MBA student? Get more information, including when to apply to the certificate program so your courses can count towards the certificate.

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