Iowa MBA scholarships

If you've got a record of academic success, then you may qualify for an Iowa MBA scholarship. Up to 30 incoming students will be selected as scholarship recipients each semester, and no separate application is required. Just apply as usual and you'll automatically be in the running for scholarships.

GMAT/GRE Excellence Scholarships

  • Awarded to new Iowa MBA students based on GMAT/GRE score.  (Note: GMAT/GRE scores are not required for admission through Fall 2022.)
  • Total value: $4,200 awarded over two terms
  • Ask us about GMAT test fee waivers  

GPA Recognition Scholarships

  • Awarded to new Iowa MBA students based on undergraduate GPA
  • Total value: $2,000 awarded over two terms

Academic Achievement Scholarships

  • Awarded to new students based on GPA, GMAT/GRE, or other academic indicators
  • Total value: $1,000 awarded in a single term

Applying for scholarships: timing

There's no separate application for our scholarships. Simply apply for admission normally and you'll automatically be in the running for scholarships.

Timing is important, though. Scholarships are awarded to incoming students who apply and have all of the relevant materials turned in before the priority deadline. For example, for the GMAT Excellence Scholarship, we need your test scores, and for the GPA and Academic Achievement scholarships, your unofficial transcripts must be in before the deadline.

Later applications may be considered if funding's available, but for the best shot at scholarships, plan to apply early.