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There’s a surprising connection between the worlds of data analytics, healthcare, and law: a need for business expertise. An understanding of leadership, team building, and business processes will give you an edge no matter which discipline you pursue.

Dual degrees (also called joint or combined degrees) make it possible to earn multiple University of Iowa degrees, typically in less time than it would take to pursue them independently. The Iowa MBA offers three dual degree options.

MBA & MS in Business Analytics Dual Degree

Jackpot! You just landed on the hottest intersection in business education. The MBA has proven career impact, giving you broad knowledge of all major business functions. A master’s in business analytics is a specialized degree, the perfect compliment to the MBA. It gives you hard skills to uncover business value hidden in massive amounts of data.

Combined, these two degrees are guaranteed to make you a force to be reckoned with—inside and outside the boardroom. The dual degree option cuts the number of credits required for the M.S. in Business Analytics by half, the equivalent of about a year. The MBA/MS dual degree can be earned entirely online or through a combination of online and in-person courses.

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MBA & MD Dual Degree

The lines between healthcare and business are blurrier than ever. From supply chain to staffing to payor mix, business issues are impacting the delivery of care. The MBA/MD dual degree program gives you unique skills to successfully navigate healthcare as a business. Whether you’re passionate about patient outcomes and want to have a bigger impact or you want to open the door to leadership positions, the MBA/MD dual degree offers a unique opportunity.

The dual degree is a partnership between two top-rated colleges at the University of Iowa: the Tippie College of Business and Carver College of Medicine. The dual degree arrangement reduces the credits you would need to earn both degrees by 24 semester hours. The MD program requires in-person attendance.

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MBA & JD Dual Degree

If you think law and business are inextricably tied, you’re not alone. From regulatory, compliance, and risk management to privacy and antitrust, the legal environment has become a driving force of business decisions. The MBA/JD dual degree prepares you to be successful in business, law, and especially where the two fields meet.

The dual degree is a partnership between two top-ranked schools: the College of Law and the Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa. The dual degree arrangement cuts the credits you would need to earn both degrees by 24 semester hours. The JD program requires in-person attendance.

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MBA & MSW Dual Degree

The MBA Program collaborates with the School of Social Work to offer the combined Master of Business Administration (Professional MBA Program)/Master of Social Work degree program.

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“Every single class has made me better at my job. The database design and management course, and Data Science, are the most perfect matches to what I’m doing now. I’ve got more tools in my toolbox.”