Tuesday, January 31, 2023

A number of Tippie faculty were recognized in a recent study published by Stanford University as among the top 100,000 most impactful scientific researchers in their fields.

The study also identified those in the top 2% of their academic subfield. Indices were calculated based on lifetime scholarly impact and impact during the year 2021.

“The inclusion of so many Tippie scholars on this list is a tribute to the profound impact they have had on their respective fields, and testament to the tradition of research excellence we have in the college,” said Nick Street, associate dean for research and Ph.D. programs at the Tippie College of Business. “We are surrounded by world-class researchers every day, and I look forward to seeing more of them on the list in years to come.”

The results reveal the historic and ongoing scholarly strength of the Tippie College of Business across a wide range of academic disciplines.

In the lifetime category:

  • Sam Burer, Tippie-Rollins Professor of Business Analytics
  • Amy Kristof-Brown, Henry B. Tippie Dean and Professor of Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Johannes Ledolter, Robert Thomas Holmes Professor of Business Analytics
  • Irwin Levin, Emeritus Professor of Marketing
  • Mick Mount, Emeritus Professor of Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Sara Rynes-Weller, Emeritus Professor of Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Frank Schmidt, Emeritus Professor of Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Greg Stewart, Professor of Management & Entrepreneurship and Mary H. Bell Chair in Leadership
  • Rabah Amir, J. Edward Lundy Professor of Economics
  • Nick Street, Tippie Children Professor of Business Analytics and Associate Dean for Research and PhD Programs
  • Erik Lie, Amelia Tippie Chair in Finance and Professor
  • David Bates, C. Woody Thompson Professor of Finance

All of the same people appeared in the 2021 list along with:

  • Jennifer Blackhurst, Associate Dean of Graduate Management Programs and Leonard Hadley Professor of Business Analytics
  • Patrick Fan, Henry B. Tippie Chair in Business Analytics
  • Arturs Kalnins, Associate Professor of Management & Entrepreneurship and Henry B. Tippie Research Fellow
  • Rong Su, Pioneer Research Fellow and Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship

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